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5 Unique Ideas to Use a Projector at Home

Modern innovations have fundamentally altered our lifestyle, and as a result, tech based gadgets and devices are increasingly seen as a necessity.

5 Unique Ideas to Use a Projector at Home

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By Mr. Vijay Sharma

Projectors are one of the technological innovations that have gained popularity in the recent years and now being installed at homes. Owing to larger-than-life visuals and surreal experiences,  Projectors represent a development above contemporary television and flat screens. Users have the freedom to choose the position and dimensions of the display that they want to use therefore, there are many ways to use projectors at home.

1. Telling stories

Children enjoy stories more than any other games. Story telling can be made more interesting for kids by projecting a range of stories in their play rooms. Even adults may read their favourite stories by expanding their e-books. This makes for more intriguing way of storytelling.

2. Home theatre

Bring the movies home, and you may replicate the commercial movie theatre experience in the comfort and safety of your own house. The 8.4K million pixels offer an unmatched experience, allowing you to view all major sporting events, shows, and television series in all their splendour.

3. Train at your comfort

Locate your preferred video lesson and adhere to the routine wherever you wish. Now more than ever, it is very simple to follow your work instruction on a balcony, patio, or in the gym.

4. Enjoy immersive gaming experience

Projectors now offer the technology needed for new age gaming. For an added advantage, gamers may enjoy a 240 HZ refresh rate and a 4ms input latency. The Optoma projectors now include dedicated gaming settings that provide the ideal colour and contrast for each distinct game. Two HDMI 2.0 connections on the Optoma game projector are compatible with all types of external 4K devices, including the Apple TV 4K, PS4 Pro, and XBOX One.


5. Working / learning at home

Parents may use projectors to help their children with their schoolwork while also teaching and amusing them. Learning can be made more engaging with the use of movies, images, and gamified material. Students can relate to and understand the study material more readily. Long periods of time in front of a computer with a small screen are distracting and uncomfortable, whether for work or study. However, using a projector like the Optoma will enable you to project meetings and online lectures held using Zoom, Google Meet, or any other collaborative software right onto the large


(The author is Mr. Vijay Sharma, Country Head India, Optoma Corporation, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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