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11 Smartwatches That Reduce Stress

Here are 11 Smartwatches to reduce stress and improve your quality of life

11 Smartwatches That Reduce Stress

Stress is a common phenomenon we encounter daily. While some stress is good for the body to drive it towards its goal, it can negatively impact our health and overall lives when we allow the stress to pile up. This factor has contributed to the development of hundreds of stress scores, guides on breathing techniques, and mindfulness. 

Wearables are becoming increasingly popular among the newer generation, thanks to the multitude of sensors they possess. Not only do these sensors track your body, but they also measure various health parameters like stress, heart rate in beats per minute, and some even correlate the two. For example, the lesser the variability between two beats, the higher are your stress levels. Thus, these smartwatches help give an empirical quantification of your stress level and are active throughout the day. 

But these wearables do not just quantify your mental health and wellbeing. They also compare and contrast the effects that different kinds of stresses have on our body and allow us to understand exactly how our body reacts and functions every time we step into a gym or rush about at work. 

To better understand and connect with your body, here are some smartwatches you can consider investing in. 

1. Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

This smartwatch behaves to a large extent like a prototype for various other tracking smartwatches. It can track your mental stress, physical activities, and your body’s response to stress with its EDA Scan app. For example, it alerts you when your heart rate is too high or too low. This device can also measure blood oxygen levels. A skin temperature sensor logs in the findings each night so that you can keep track of the variations. Furthermore, there is a multi-activity tracking for swimming, cycling, running, lifting, and many more exercise types. Look no further from this product for a person keen on making physical activity a part of their daily regime. 

You can check out the product on Amazon at discounted rates.

2. Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smart Watch

This smartwatch comes with a 1.55 inch AMOLED screen. You can view vital information such as your heart rate, SpO2 levels, sports mode tracking, and many other features at a glance. This watch can track more than 70 different workouts and sports, ranging from yoga, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, trekking, running, and even power walking. In addition, stress and sleep monitoring sensors help keep your body in check. This smartwatch is the perfect buy for sports enthusiasts and those who love working out. 

The product is available for purchase on Amazon. 

3. Boat XTend Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a budget buy, but with all the premium features of an expensive smartwatch, you’ve found the right product. The Boat Xtend had a chic, modern design with its gold-sized bezels and its 1.69 inch AMOLED screen. The screen has excellent dimensions that can showcase vital information at just a glance. Additionally, the watch allows for activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood O2 levels, sleep monitoring, and even mapping of stress levels. The watch faces can also be adjusted based on your preferences. It helps add a stylish touch to your outfit while being perfect for your health monitoring. 

You can buy this watch at fantastic discounted prices on Amazon. 

4. Noise Colour Fit Ultra Bezel-Less Smart Watch

Are you working in a high-stress environment? Then this smartwatch is perhaps an excellent purchase for you. For all working professionals, business executives, frequent travellers, and many more, the sensor-loaded watch helps keep track of your stress levels and correlates them with your mental wellbeing. With its mobile app, you can even get detailed statistical information in graphical formats. This smartwatch has an abundance of features and tracking sensors at very affordable prices. 

Purchase this budget-friendly smartwatch on Amazon and enjoy a bunch of discounts and offers. 

5. Amazfit GTR 2e SmartWatch

With the features this smartwatch boasts of, you are sure to get the most out of this budget buy. The all-metal build gives it a sleek premium look, and the two buttons ensure maximal functionality. You can control the settings with the 1.39 AMOLED touchscreen and even check the time at a glance. The multiple tracking activity can record your sleep, stress levels, heart rate, and more features. In addition, it has two nifty buttons, which make the display and use a quick and straightforward operation.

The smartwatch is available on Amazon at exquisitely discounted rates. 

6. Honor Band 6 Meteorite Black

If you’re looking for a long vertical screen to work with, you’ve come to the right place. This smartwatch has an all-black design, perfect for the professional environment, and a 1.47-inch display. With many functions like heart rate monitoring, SpO2 levels, stress, sleep cycles, and many more, this smartwatch ensures it covers every aspect of your health and wellbeing. You can even view the patterns of your stress levels on its mobile app and get an in-depth analysis of your body’s condition. 

Get the smartwatch on Amazon with multiple discounts and offers. 

7. Garmin

Garmin smartwatches include the Vivoactive 4, Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, Vivosmart 4, Fenix 6, and many more. 

Garmin devices share the same stress tracking support and can take on-the-spot stress measurements. The display might vary from one product to the other, but the information is usually similar.

They come with a unique feature powered by Firstbeat that takes the heart rate variability measurements throughout the day and then analyses the stress into low, medium, or high levels. Then, it scores your rest from 1 to 100 and correlates that parameter to your overall stress levels. You can also analyse the trends of your stress over a week, month or year and compare the most stressful months you had to the most restful ones.

The more expensive and advanced Garmin smartwatches also measure your physical stress by measuring your heart rate variability when you’re active and in your training zone. The device divides your stress levels into ranges from 0 to 100. 0 to 25 is the resting state, 26 to 50 refers to low stress, 51 to 75 is medium stress, and 76 to 100 is high stress. 

With this stress tracking information, sleep quality assessment, and activity tracking, the smartwatch ultimately keeps an eye on your overall energy levels. In addition, it provides data for Performance Conditions and Lactate Threshold. 

Recent watches also help you plan your next hardcore workout by factoring in your training patterns and body responses. In addition, they offer guided breathing exercises and when you should use them to get to a calmer state. 

Head to their official website or on Amazon to purchase the smartwatch. 

8. Samsung Smartwatches

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Like many of its rivals, Samsung also uses the heart rate monitor to track your body’s stress levels. 

The heart rate variability generates insights into your stress patterns, which can be viewed on its app in the form of graphical plots. 

You can also access the breathing exercises it offers, which help you manage stress better. 

Samsung has teamed up with Calm, a meditation app, for the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Watch 3. This feature allows you to pause and play Calm’s meditation sessions from your wrist. In addition, you can use the Samsung Health App to start a session. 

Although Samsung has collaborated with Calm before, this integration allows you to access its features without having to reach for your phone. This factor could prove to be a milestone for many users looking to make meditation a part of their daily lives. 

Visit their official store or purchase the smartwatch on Amazon. 

9. Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch 6E

Like all other Apple smartwatches, these two products include a heart rate monitor and stress measurements using HRV values. The watches also offer the Breathe app, which helps you focus on your breathing to relax. The app also sends you reminders every five hours to take a small break and calm your mind and body with breathing modulations. 

Based on your preference, you can pick the duration of the session. Animations on the watch display help you inhale and exhale. The breathing session data gets recorded and monitored to help analyse your stress patterns. 

The upcoming Watch OS 8 plans to add new animations and Reflect prompts to its software and display short positive messages throughout the day. 

With its HRV measurements, you can identify the stress trends in your body. Third-party apps like EliteHRV are also available, and you can pick and choose based on your preference. 

The smartwatches are available on their official websites as well as offline stores. 

10. Google Wear OS Smartwatches

The Google smartwatches include the Skagen Falster 3, Fossil Gen 5, and the Fossil Sport. In addition, Google has been working hand-in-hand with Samsung to create an innovative fitness platform and software for its users. 

Until that update gets processed, the Google smartwatch does not have much novelty to offer its users, setting it apart from Apple, Samsung, and FitBit. 

Google has recently added a new widget called Tile to keep a closer eye during stressful moments. You can also access third-party apps in the play store to manage your stress better. 

While there is nothing groundbreaking to set Google a step higher than its counterparts, it may achieve more with its new software launch. 

Head to their official website and get your coveted smartwatch today! 


Muse stands slightly different from the other smartwatches in the market. Instead of sending you electric signals to change your state of stress, it allows you to analyse your brain and make the changes yourself. 

With 7 EEG (Electroencephalogram) sensors along your scalp, Muse measures the real-time activity of your brain and provides audio cues during your stressed moments. It guides you through various exercises which allow you to train yourself and even identify distractions. 

This device aims to train you to apply these techniques to your daily routine instead of relying on the device each time you feel stressed. 

With Muse 2, the company added a pulse oximeter that tracks your heart rate rhythms, body movements, and breathing so that it can tailor sessions that are better suited to your body’s needs. Muse S has also come into the market that tracks your sleep along with the other dedicated features. 

You can view the official website for more information about the products. 

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