How To Make Your Home A Smart Home |

How To Make Your Home A Smart Home

From your phone to the AC, fans to the lights, it is possible to digitise every corner of your house.

 How To Make Your Home A Smart Home

There was once a time when smart homes were only a futuristic concept seen in movies, but in recent times, smart homes are no longer just a dream with the advances in technology. From your phone to the AC, fans to the lights, it is possible to digitise every corner of your house. In addition, special devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Echo make it much easier to connect every gadget in your house and make living a seamless experience. 

Here are some gadgets to convert your home into a smart home.

Invest in some smart gadgets. 

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, Black) + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo.

This product comes with a smart bulb from Wipro, which an Echo can handle. Echo works on voice. Therefore, you can speak to it in English or Hindi, and it makes sure to follow your commands to a T. It can pick up voices even from a distance. 


Get yourself an Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You can invest in gadgets like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home to further enhance your smart home. These devices are run by their respective apps, which are easy to download and use. So connect all your gadgets to these devices and control your home’s comfort from any corner. 


Google Wifi System

This system is your one-stop solution for all wifi-related problems. Replace your old router with this high connectivity system and enjoy fast wifi services throughout your home. 


Use the Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick is a new and innovative approach to watching movies and shows. Plug the device in your TV’s HDMI slot and enjoy streaming content from across the globe. The Amazon Fire Stick also has its in-built apps. It comes with Alexa voice control, a Dolby Atmos system, and apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Sun NXT, and many others. Now enjoy your favourite shows on one integrated platform. 

Opt for a TV Projector

With the pandemic, getting the real theatre feel during movie marathons and cinema dates is becoming quite difficult. The TV Projector is at your rescue. Enjoy an authentic theatre feel with this projector that runs on wifi and connects seamlessly to your devices. 


Samsung 43 Inches Wondertainment Series Full HD LED Smart TV

This internet-connected TV connects quickly and easily to your home wifi and comes with preloaded apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video, Youtube, and many more. In addition, it has the Dolby Digital Plus audio, 2 HDMI ports, and several other connectivity options, making your sound and video experience much more enhanced. Connect the speakers to an aux cable or your Bluetooth, mount it on the wall, or place it on the accompanying stand and enjoy your favourite music and shows. 

You can even connect your laptop to the projector and TV using an extra HDMI cable. You can also browse the internet on your smart TV.

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