An initiative to create a Breathe Free space for the torch bearers of tomorrow

Minus2point5 to be installed in the school buses of Delhi-NCR to counter the detrimental impact of air pollution among children

An initiative to create a Breathe Free space for the torch bearers of tomorrow

Keeping in mind the tolling effect of air pollution, Volvo in partnership with PerSapien launched #BreatheFree campaign in which they will create 50 clean zone school buses across Delhi-NCR. The campaign is initiated to counter the air pollution level.

It is a known fact that pollution is detrimental for the health but what concerns us more is that we ignore the children who are the worst impacted by the pollution. Their brain is irreversibly damaged, seriously hampering their performance by deteriorating their IQ level.

To combat this tolling effect of air pollution, especially among children, Minus2point5 device, invented by Debayan Saha who is also the co-founder of PerSapien will be installed in the exhaust pipe of Volvo school buses.

This in turn will make the particulate matter 2.5 dispersed in the air heavier and settle them down in the soil. Thus, preventing the miscreant particles from entering the blood vessels through respiratory tract that plays havoc within the body.

A single device can eliminate up to 10 times pollution in the air. Therefore, when buses will run through the city, they will actually purify the air quality.

On this breakthrough occasion Debayan Saha said, “Solving environmental crisis is not an individual’s responsibility. So we were looking forward for partners who shared similar environmental concern and fortunately found Volvo with whom we figured out a way to improve the air quality of buses which if not catered to could severely impact the children’s health.”

In the month of December, Minus2point5 was incorporated in 15 buses and now the #BreatheFree campaign is looking forward to installing the device in 50 more school buses by the end of January, 2020.


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