TechTree Blog: Suspected Killer Caught While Reading His Own Exploits In An Internet Cafe

The accused, a Canadian porn star, reportedly dismembered a Chinese student and posted the video on the web.

TechTree Blog: Suspected Killer Caught While Reading His Own Exploits In An Internet Cafe

Here's something from the weird corner of the internet. A Canadian suspected of hacking, has been arrested in Germany when he was busy reading news of his own exploits from the comfort of a internet cafe in Berlin. However, the 29-year-old Luka Magnotta wasn't involved in a run-of-the-mill cybercrime. The Canadian national has been accused of hacking a Chinese student to death with a pick axe.

According to Canadian authorities, Magnotta was dating a 33-year-old engineering student by the name of Jun Lin, before he uploaded a gruesome video of his murder on the internet. The clip shows a man dismembering Lin with a pickaxe, after which he was filmed performing sexual acts on the corpse. In a macabre twist, the body parts were later mailed to various Canadian political parties.

The global coverage and outcry garnered by the murder contributed to Magnotta's downfall, when an internet cafe employee recognised him, and called the cops. The suspected murderer didn't resist when German authorities cornered him at the cafe. "He tried at first giving fake names", said police spokesman Guido Busch. "But in the end he just said: 'You got me'", added Busch.

A pornstar by profession, Magnotta had earlier been charged with cases of fraud and sexual assault. Animal activists were also on his trail, ever since he posted videos of him torturing kittens on the internet. It seems, the suspect clearly showed symptoms from the Macdonald's Triad. Magnotta is now awaiting extradition to Canada, where he will be tried for murder.

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