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Students, Choose Your Future Online allows students to search over 25,000 colleges and 11,000 courses in India.

Students, Choose Your Future Online

As each day passes, everything is going digital right from booking your groceries to searching your life partner. Somewhere in the middle comes your education and career. What about that? Well, that’s no different. Students can find their desirable courses online while they can compare the pros and cons of each course and every college in any city across the globe. This is possible thanks to a couple of search engine portals that’s out there on the web. is one such search engine that allows you to search everything about your or your child’s education. It is, in-fact, a one-stop destination to search about colleges, available courses, and admission processes. It also gives information about fee structures, placement, alumni record, awards, rankings, and also about extra-curricular activities.

So, now, the big question is why do you have to choose your future online? The answer is pretty easy — it makes your life lot simpler.

We all know that almost every student, at least in the suburbans and urban cities, have access to the Internet on smartphones. And how difficult would it really be to just open up a portal and search for relevant courses. And, by any chance, if that is difficult, the trend of smartphone apps can help you out.

CollegeDunia, for that matter, has recently rolled out a smartphone app which also helps students in finding their dream courses online, and their entrance examinations. With the app, students can find over 25,000 colleges, 250 exams, and over 11,000 courses in India.

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Additionally, the portal also gives information about all the entrance exams (GMAT, GRE, IELTS, or TOEFL) you need to take in order to pursue your higher education abroad. The website and app also give information about Government exams such as IAS and IES. So, if you are looking for information about CAT 2017, you will get every single detail about the exam on this website.

With technology growing every single day, and children getting addicted to smartphones for everything, this move by the company definitely seems logical. Not just that, the portal also lists out reviews given by students and their parents, thus helping out the student community in making right choices, online, with the luxury of sitting on your favorite couch at home.

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