Top 5 Smartphones In India For 2017 |

Top 5 Smartphones In India For 2017

Get the right handset for yourself.

Top 5 Smartphones In India For 2017

Many of you may have seen a considerable shift in the smartphone market that yields a plethora of options for the buyers ranging from premium high-end models to handsets that fall in the budget segment. The smartphone manufacturers are trying out all means to project their devices as the best in the global market.

As a buyer, it might seem a tough task for you to pick one smart handset over another at a time when you have so many different options at hand. This article is intended to throw some light upon smart-phone models that you must compare while attempting to buy tech gadgets online.

Check out 5 smart-phone handsets that are considered to be the best of 2017:

Samsung S8

Samsung Galaxy S8+ is one of the best smartphones of 2017. If you’re among the big screen lovers, you’re bound to fall in love with this powerful smartphone. The AMOLED panels add sheer grace to this model with its QHD display worth 6.2 inches. It shows a great resemblance to the design of Galaxy S8 and proves to be a unique smart device with its much-cherished ergonomic design. Go for this one if you’re longing for attractive designs and bigger screens.

Google Pixel

Google has tried out a few different things with this phone both in terms of hardware and software features. The latest Snapdragon 821 processor, the combination of glass-and-metal and the excellent camera make it a sure winner over other contemporary models. For those of you that prefer larger screens, the Pixel XL is a great option with its 5.5 inches display. The virtual assistant and software present in this model seem to match its hardware in every respect. You’re bound to feel attracted towards its great 2K display and a very familiar design.


Away from gimmicks, LG has finally succeeded in creating a premium smartphone with great looks. You may get inclined with some of the great features that come with this handy phone like that of the dual camera, tiny bezels and that screen with wide angles.  You’re bound to like it while using it regularly, but you still not mark it high while looking for perfection. It’s certainly not the most efficient one that you come across in the market due to its 2016 old chipset and the old layer that LG has used over Android Nougat. The casing at the back seems somewhat hollow as compared to the ones used by its competitors, which seem more premium in look and feel.


OnePlus 5 has already earned a place in the list of top gadgets, but it seems to be improving with every stride it takes in the smartphone category. Among a wide variety of Android contemporaries, this one seems to be the fastest out there in the global market. OnePlus 5 is a handset worth considering for most of the Android users. The camera does a decent job although it doesn’t seem perfect in all aspects. The battery life of this handset makes up for even the smallest of things that may not seem so attractive to you initially.


HTC has been attempting to revamp its flagship range for years, and now it seems to have succeeded in doing this with the new U11.  A fairly good measure of innovative features including the best bets of 2016 within a metal and glass casing is all that the HTC U11 is about. HTC has again succeeded in proving a point about designing and making a smartphone that’s truly global in nature and succeeded in edging past its competitors. The specifications are truly wonderful when you take the performance of its battery and camera into account. The U11 seems to be the best of all flagship products launched by HTC till date as it addresses all issues identified with its models belonging to the previous generations.

HTC has even succeeded in turning its interactive platforms more user-friendly by customizing stock Android and by attempting a few innovations with its edges.

The smartphone models mentioned above reined the hearts of smart users through the first three quarters of 2017. Going by the tech news, it seems more likely that you’ll see a few innovative add-ons with your favorite models in 2018.

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