Tips To Make Your Smartphone Monsoon Proof |

Tips To Make Your Smartphone Monsoon Proof

Rains and smartphones don't go well with each other, and getting drenched with it is just not acceptable. But here are some tips.

Tips To Make Your Smartphone Monsoon Proof

We all love the rains until we don’t get completely drenched because of it. We also love using our smartphones and can’t even think about surviving even a single day without using it. But, rains and smartphones don’t go so well with each other. Besides saving yourself from getting drenched in the Monsoons it is crucial to protect your mobile phone from prolonged exposure to moisture. Here, we present some quick and useful tips that will prevent any watery mishaps.

Ensure you have a data backup

Besides the physical handset, it's the data inside the phone which needs protection. If you are not using a waterproof smartphone, it is important that you sync your data to cloud accounts and device managers to avoid being cut off from your data completely in case of an incident.

Waterproof and shockproof your phone always 

Being cautious is always a good thing. While purchasing a new cover for your Smartphone, just go an extra mile, and get yourself an additional waterproof and a shockproof cover.  Especially for the monsoon you need to have phone cases which are of good quality and made up of premium materials. Tech and mobile accessories e-tailer Latestone offers PTron Mighty defender back covers which help you protect your phone.

Use screen protectors

Most of you might be wondering how tempered glass screen protector can safeguard your Smartphone from rains. The tempered glass is first heated and then cooled using chemical and thermal technology which makes it extremely durable as compared to other screen protectors. Besides being resistant to scratches, finger prints and shock, the tempered glass screen protector also prevents water to seep in. Avoid settling for a cheap mobile screen protector as the chances of water seeping in from its edges are higher.

Go handsets free – Switch to Bluetooth

This is a great alternative for all those who are driving a car or riding a two-wheeler. Why pull out your phone every time you receive a call when you can simply connect it with a Bluetooth headset?  Online e-tailer, Latestone provides you with wide range PTron “Spark” Bluetooth sporty magnetic headset which will keep your phones protected from rains and spare you with the harassments of juggling your smartphones during the heavy showers

Zip Pouch

Though it doesn’t look cool, it is advisable to place your phone in a pouch in a clean plastic bag with silica gels as it absorbs the moisture from your phone. Do not try to charge your phone or use a hair dryer to dry it.

Despite the fact that phones are highly vulnerable to damage, you can still protect them. It would be safe to say that when high investments are involved and the product is fragile you must remember that, Prevention is better than cure.

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