Essential Tips To Protect Your Smartphone

Protect your smartphone and you will surely save those heavy bills of repairing. Follow these essential tips.

Essential Tips To Protect Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become an essential part of our life.  We invest plenty of money while planning to buy a new phone. Do we also invest the same amount of energy to protect our phones?  Majority will have NO as an answer. Protecting our phones from physical damage is essential especially in this fast moving pace as a single scratch on the screen can leave us heartbroken.  Thus, here we give you few tips on how to protect your smartphone, as shared by, and thus help save your repairing bills.

1) Handle with care 

Many a times people tend to keep gadgets lying around in places which can be detrimental to their safety. It is important to analyse the surrounding of the place before keeping your phone. Refrain from keeping your phone facing the screen downwards. If the surface is rough, then your phone screen can suffer scratches. Smaller precautions can help save phone from damage.


2) Waterproof your phone

Make sure that you keep your phones in dry places every time. Water is a well known destructor and you surely don’t want to cross its path. Even perspiration can affect your phone. So, it is necessary to waterproof the device to save a lot of expenses. For this, you need to have waterproof cases which are of good quality and made up of premium materials. They can certainly be of great help especially when monsoons are about to come.


3) Use of premium covers or cases is a must 

We don’t shy away from buying expensive smartphones even though they exceed our budget sometimes.  So you shouldn’t think of buying an expensive poly carbonate shell as a waste of money. These covers not only protect your phone from getting damaged but also provide you with additional benefits such as dual swipe case.

This dual swipe case is a great innovation which provides the view of the upper screen as well as footer screen in half, the main advantage of dual swipe case is that you can easily attend or reject the calls even without opening the cover.

image 2


4) Fix a pocket for keeping your phone.

Most of the times we keep our phones in a pocket which is already filled with keys, coins and maybe any other sharp objects. These things can cause scratches to the body or the screen of your phone. It is advisable to keep your phone in the other pocket. This not only protects your screen, but also avoid unavoidable circumstances of dropping your phone while fetching some other things. 


5) Use Screen Protectors

The display screen of a phone is very important, and also the most fragile part. At a slight drop or mere carelessness, it is bound to cause the screen to crack or shatter. This is a very expensive affair to deal with. To avoid this it is recommended that you use a screen protector i.e. tempered glass. Get a suitable tempered glass screen protector. This will prevent the screen from scratches and also give added protection to the display to a great extent. The screen protector should be the first accessory you buy for your phone.


6)     Charging or over charging

There is always one question that arises in the mind - How often should you charge a phone's battery, and will charging it to 100 percent reduce its lifespan? These days smartphone batteries don’t last as long as it used to in the past because we use smartphones for all our conversations like social networking, emails, photography etc which consume most of the phone battery. Hence it becomes important to charge the phone correctly. Leaving the phone connected to the charger when the phone is completely charged may lower battery life if you do it repeatedly. Overcharging or undercharging the phone can cause a damage to your smartphone so always ensure that you charge your phone once in the morning till the battery is full.

Despite the fact that phones are highly vulnerable to damage you can still protect them. It would be safe to say that when high investments are involved and the product is fragile you must remember that prevention is better than cure.  


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