Top 10 Mobile Apps For Drivers And Car Lovers

With the growing dependability of smartphone-based apps, it becomes extremely important to follow the best app-based platforms to get the best benefits out of it.

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Drivers And Car Lovers

-- Authored by Yatin Kumar


In a world where the smartphone has become the hook for users to access a range of services from the digital world, it is no surprise that automobile companies are also piggybacking on the trend of creating mobile apps that can help users gain access to a variety of services.

To say that popular auto portals and ecommerce players have encashed on the dependability of the smartphone to further their business wouldn’t be far from the truth. Statistically, there are more than 3-4 million apps on Google Play and the Apple Store, of which a substantial number is correlated to the automobile segment.

Surveys suggest that over 72 per cent of present day car buyers use the assistance of automotive apps or internet websites during their car buying cycle. More than 50 per cent of the existing car users use their mobile apps to buy parts. And, these numbers are growing daily.

With the growing dependability of smartphone-based apps, it becomes extremely important to follow the best app-based platforms to get the best benefits out of it. Here, you get a list of top ten automotive apps that you should check out.

1) Automobile Magazine News

Automobile Magazine News is one of the leading smartphone application for car enthusiasts to keep following their favourite cars via news, videos and press releases. The users get access to all the latest happenings in the auto industry ranging from spied testing cars to the glitters of auto shows. Apart from this, the users can also send in their photos and videos of new cars being testing or spied before its formal launch.

2) CarWale

The CarWale is one of the hot favourite apps for an all-round information. The CarWale app specifications, and off and on road prices of almost all the cars in the industry. The users can research about new as well as used cars, get expert reviews and get their questions answered here. You can compare cars, get expert as well as user review, watch video reviews, evaluate used cars, locate dealers near you, etc.

3) AutoPortal

AutoPortal is one of the most valuable apps if you are looking to get a decisive suggestion of your new car purchases. The AutoPortal app, just like the AutoPortal website, promises to make the entire journey from choosing a car or motorcycle to buying one completely simple. It makes new car purchasing decisions extremely easy and the users don’t need to spend time and energy running to the dealerships. They also provide various finance options on purchases.Apart from car buying assistance, AutoPortal app keeps its users very close to the automobile world with their timely news and updates from around the world.

4) ZigWheels

ZigWheels is a multi-utility app and the users will definitely love its overall features. On this app-based portal, you can compare new and old cars and motorcycles, buy and sell old cars etc. Users can also get an expert to assist you with purchasing new cars. ZigWheels connects its users with a large number of dealers across India which makes buying a car or motorcycle in any major city extremely easy.

5) Car India (CarDekho)

The CarDekho app caters all car related queries for its users. It offers a very simple and step by step way to search among a wide range of cars and choose the best one. If the users are confused between a few selected cars, they can choose the best one by comparing them side by side. Apart from just new car related issues, CarDekho also caters to the people buying or selling old cars. The process is extremely simplified. There are over a lakh cars listed to choose from.

6) Droom

Droom markets its app as the country’s best “motorplace” to buy and sell old cars, along with buying new cars as well. And it is not only restricted to cars only. In fact, Droom has a wide range of automotives available for buying and selling. Starting from cars, motorcycles and scooters, the users can also buy and sell bicycles and aeroplanes as well.In short, Droom promises to provide query related services regarding anything on wheels, be it extremely small or extremely big.

7) CarTrade

CarTrade is one of the newest app launched by CarTrade has an inventory of thousands of used cars that are available to buyers. You can also sell your used cars on the platform. You can get in-depth information about all the latest cars that have been launched in the market.Apart from acting as a platform for buying and selling used cars, CarTrade also keeps its users updated with all of the latest car and bike news from across the automobile market.

8) Overdrive

Overdrive strives hard on making the life of automobile enthusiasts easier by testing motorcycles and cars and presenting reviews on it. Overdrive has been in the field of providing excellent services in the field of automobile for over 17 years now. Besides this, Overdrive also brings to its users, timely news and expert suggestions, step-by-step guide, expert advice, etc., on the hottest and most popular car and motorcycles.

9) Encyclopedia Car and Auto News

The Encyclopedia Car and Auto News app is a good platform that serves as an encyclopedia of automotives straight to your smartphone and tablets. It provides its users with over 100 brands or cars with their complete history and description. It has a gallery of over 60 thousand pictures of cars so that you get the latest images of the updated models.

10) Car Experts India

Car Experts India acts more than just a popular app for car enthusiasts. Instead, Car Experts India acts as a multi-utility app where you don’t just get car comparison field but also important tools like fuel estimation and car maintenance tool and EMI calculator.

Moreover, the users can also get access to car insurance agent listing, important user reviews on cars, top 10 highest rated cars by the users, etc.

The app stores, be it Android or Apple, is filled with very relevant apps from the auto industry. Select the best ones according to your requirements, and you are good to start buying or selling vehicles, following the industry and everything else you wanted to do as a car enthusiast.

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