TechTree Blog: What Did You Buy Online Today? |

TechTree Blog: What Did You Buy Online Today?

An interesting analysis reveals people's online shopping habits and preferences.


Did you know that there are well over 300 websites selling all kinds of things online? While you may have come across big names such as, or, there are lesser-known websites such as and that offer some rather offbeat products. What is it that Indians prefer buying online? A survey conducted by seems to indicate that more Indians shop for fashion accessories online than electronics and mobile phones. This should not come across as a surprise considering the ubiquity of daily deals in the Indian e-commerce market, and how fashion accessories have become hot property. Moreover, there are at least 91 stores exclusively dedicated to selling fashion products.


TechTree Blog: What Did You Buy Online Today?

Other interesting fact that the survey brings out is the sheer number of product categories sold online. From fun products courtesy of services such as and Happily, music products from, to event ticket services such as - you can buy everything under the sun, from the comfort of your home. Most of these websites offer great customer service, which is to be expected considering the cutthroat competition prevalent in this space.

Do you indulge in online purchases often? How has your buying experience been? Share your story with us through the comments section.

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