The Galaxy Note 7 Battery Issue Attracts Hilarious Reactions |

The Galaxy Note 7 Battery Issue Attracts Hilarious Reactions

The memes and jokes include references from war to K-pop.

The Galaxy Note 7 Battery Issue Attracts Hilarious Reactions

Things have not been going well for Samsung recently. The Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion woes are not going anywhere. The company has initiated a massive replacement program for existing buyers. In many countries, the launch has been postponed indefinitely. The biggest worry for the Koreans is that even after the issue is resolved people may not feel confident to buy the Note 7. No doubt that product engineers in Samsung are losing sleep over this critical safety issue. On the other hand, netizens with sense of humour, are having a field day taking jab at Samsung. Well, you are free to call them trolls who have nothing better to do. In any case, there are some hilarious memes and jokes doing rounds over the Note 7's battery issue. I have hand-picked a few that you shouldn't miss out on:

1. My favourite image in the list, shows us how to charge the Galaxy Note 7 without taking any risk. Thanks to the movies such as Hurt Locker and Jab Tak Hai Jaan, we all know what EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) suits are meant for.

2. Not sure if this is an elaborate prank or some Samsung store actually kept a fire extinguisher next the Galaxy Note 7. Either ways, it tickles our funny bone.

3. Leaving aside Bong Joon-ho's movies, South Korea is famous for Samsung and K-pop sensation PSY. Not finding the common grounds between them is not an option.

4. Anything with 'Galaxy' in its name and active involvement in 'explosions' ought to have a Star Wars reference.

5. This is what to do when you run out of grenades:

Image source: bjrnlxndr, 3d, William Humes.

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