Audio Technica SR5: First Impressions |

Audio Technica SR5: First Impressions

One USP of these headphones is that their build quality is pretty good... with leatherette earcups.

Audio Technica SR5: First Impressions

When it comes to listening to music, choices of headphones we have today are enormous, and choosing the best one among them is obviously difficult. Starting from INR 500 to thousands of rupees, we get headphones for all genres of music.

Being a reviewer and musician myself, I have gone crazy many times, but I have never been able to stick to one particular headphone... until I got my hands on this.

Technically speaking, the Audio Technica SR5 comes with a 45 mm dynamic driver, giving a balanced sound output. Priced at Rs 10,750 on Amazon India, this is definitely one of the very few available headphones at such price that come with a Hi-Res Audio logo on the box. So, this headphone should actually be a great choice if you own Sony smartphones or others like HTC 10, that are basically Hi-Res Audio certified devices, capable of playing lossless audio.

The headphone comes with a simple, yet elegant design, with soft foam headbands, making it comfortable for users to have it over the head for a long time.  Also we get a pouch, which, I must say, is of high quality, and you can store this headphone in it, and swag off.

Well, the Audio Technica SR5 comes in two variants: wireless and non-wireless. The non-wireless variant comes with audio cable of around a metre length and in the same color, as the earpads and headband.

Speaking about these earpads (as shown in the picture above), the cups are not large enough and they kind of sit on your ear. However, you don't feel uncomfortable at all. In-fact, these earcups can swivel in for easy storage, making the headphone pretty much portable... and storing it inside the pouch is easier.

Noise isolation seems to be perfect... but sound does leaks out a bit. Well, who cares right... as long as the audio is cranking up pretty well in your ears. My rating to these overall decent sounding headphones is somewhere between 4 and 4.5 out of 5, however, would have given a five out of five if it was priced a little lower and reproduced a bit more of bass!!

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