LYF Flame 6, An Unbelievable Product Under 5K

The 4G enabled, Android 5.1 version smartphone comes with a dual SIM card slot.

LYF Flame 6, An Unbelievable Product Under 5K

LYF mobiles, which has been trending for the past few weeks, thanks to the mammoth entry of Reliance Jio offering handset with 3 months of free internet, this 4G phone has grabbed the attention of many cost-conscious Indian customers.

LYF unboxing reveals the handset, removable battery, earphone, charger adaptor, micro USD cable, quick service guide, warranty card. The 4G enabled mobile comes with a dual SIM card slot with Android 5.1 version. This ‘Made-for-India’ model has preloaded 10 Indian languages , making it Indian-friendly.

Look and feel:
The mobile is aesthetically designed in terms of the hand grips and size. The gold coating bordering the handset is also an additional advantage of the mobile making it more attractive in terms of looks. To add to the craft is the Asahi Dragontrail glass for increased protection while in the bottom, the mobile has textured matte finish.

The phone has a screen size measuring 4 inches. On the camera side, the mobile has 2MP HDR rear and 2MP front camera. It also has options to shoot slow motion videos to capture every detail and get the extra focus with the face Detection mode. The audio is also decent with much noise reduction option. The call recording facility inbuilt also provides to record the phone calls instantly. The video recording is also flawless and multimedia options make the phone audio-video friendly. You also get an internal storage of 4GB.

LYF Flame 6 is equipped with Quad-Core 1.5GHz. One cannot deny the fact the performance of the mobile is extraordinary (at this price range) in terms of booting, multi-tasking and even hard applications like TempleRun2 works seamless. Even after 5 hours of continuous usage, the mobile doesn’t compromise in performance. However, the battery is not promising in terms of performance; the battery drains fast and the body gets heated after certain hours of charge.

The mobile doesn’t have Google play store. Instead, you need to login and create an account using LYF account. It also has Jio’s applications in terms of video player, mobile wallet, on-demand, news and more.

With Reliance Jio, the mobile handset is something which everyone can explore at a range of INR 3,000.

Unbelievable delivery for the cost
4G enabled

No Google account
Battery not promising

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