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100 Million Downloads And Pokemon Go Is Still 'ON'

The Pokemon fever is only increasing day by day, with more and more downloads as the game is trying hard to become part of life!

100 Million Downloads And Pokemon Go Is Still 'ON'

Ever since Pokemon GO was launched, around a month ago, it has turned out to be a huge craze... so much that the whole of youth generation, who once never wanted to get out of their home and walk, are now walking miles in search of a Pikachu or a Mewtwo.

The game that runs on Augmented Reality has brought in a nostalgic moment to all the fans of yesteryear's Pokemon anime series. I still remember that it used to be aired on Cartoon Network by around 5 PM, right when we got back home from school! Oh... what a joy!!

Though the game is still known to be having a lot of errors and crashes, it has easily managed to cross a whopping 100 million downloads on Google Play store alone, in a single month. And, interestingly, in the first couple of weeks itself, we were able to witness a huge increase in the number of downloads.

Having said this, it is very important to understand that, the game is still not available in most of the markets where the anime series were very much popular. The game has not been launched officially in India, China, and South Korea, including a few other countries. However, people are still playing via the unofficial app, downloaded from APK Mirror.

And, for your information, the 100 million downloads definitely do not consider the unofficial ones from India and other regions. The Apple App Store's downloads are excluded from this whopping number.. and Apple recently confirmed that Pokemon GO was downloaded more than any other app on iOS, thus, setting a new record for an app's debut.

We can definitely see that the Pokemon fever is increasing each and every moment, and it looks like, the Pokemon Goers are definitely not tired of catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and winning gym battles. The game is definitely becoming part of our lives!

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