These 5 Gadgets Can Be Your Best Buddies This Friendship Day

What if your close friends are your smartphone, your favorite headphone, your laptop, or, even a fitness band!

These 5 Gadgets Can Be Your Best Buddies This Friendship Day

What if your close friends are your smartphone, your favorite headphone, your laptop, or, even a fitness band! Not surprising at a time when gadgets have become the part and parcel of our digital lifestyle, so much that, we actually become closer to them than we can get to a real-person.

Oh please don’t get me wrong… we know these gadgets cannot actually replace a real friend, who means a lot, but these devices do share a close relationship with us and we spend a lot of time with them – much like a good friend!

Now, does this sound something like your own life? As Friendship Day is just around the corner (Sunday, August 7), let’s explore some gadgets you may want to add to your tech savvy life. Here are your 5 gadget buddies this friendship day.

1. Ambrane P-2000 (Power Bank)

For most of us, power bank can be a very best friend and we have a lot of them. But, keeping price in concern, Ambrane P-2000 with 20,800 mAh capacity is one of the best options for a new friend. The powerbank comes with 3 USB charging ports of different amperage (1A, 2.1A, and 2.1 A) and is capable of withstanding around 500 power cycles in its lifetime. Now, that's a long-lasting friend for sure!

2. EVO GamePad Pro 2 (Gaming Controller)

If you are a gamer, probably a gamepad for your smartphone is the best friend you can actually get. EVO GamePad Pro 2 by Amkette is one of the best smartphone/tablet compatible gaming controllers you can come across. This new friend can give you hours of serious 'Asphalt' driving along with easy 'nitro' boosting! You can also take a look at Logitech Wheels which is also a smartphone compatible game controller.

3. UE BOOM 2 (Bluetooth Speaker)

Powerbank? Check... Gaming Controller? Check.. what can be the next one? Well, a bluetooth speaker! Obviously. Music is a universal language and the friendship between you and your audio gadget is very unique. So, another best friend you can actually get is UE Boom 2, which comes with unique features. Though this friend is a bit pricey, the use cases is tremendous. Designed to get wet, muddy and beat up, UE BOOM 2 blasts insanely great sound in every direction. Using the same high-quality materials you have come to expect from Ultimate Ears, UE BOOM 2 is waterproof (IPX 7), drop-proof (from up to five feet high), disruptive and bold, plus a whole lot of fun.

4. Fitbit Blaze (Fitness Watch)

This little friend is not just cautious about your health, but also inspiring. Because, let's accept it, failing diet plans or exercise schedules are not new to us. But, this friend helps us in keeping fit. Fitbit Blaze comes with enhanced features like FitStar on-screen workouts, connected GPS, PurePulse heart rate tracking, and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition. It comes with smart notifications for call, text and calendar. Fitbit Blaze has a battery life of up to 5 days.


5. One of the best friends we all have (and can’t live without) – Smartphones!

Smartphone is a friend who is there always when we need. We are completely dependant on this friend. It's actually very difficult to mention a single name in this competitive world. That's because, when it comes to this forever-green-friend, we tend to become more particular in nature.

However, for the purpose of this article, we can consider a couple of smartphones that you can consider as a friend during this Friendship day. Lenovo ZUK Z1, Nextbit Robin, Honor 5X, LeEco Le2, and the recently unveiled Lenovo Note K5 are some smartphones that are value for money for sure.

Having said this, don’t you feel worried for having a gadget friend mentioned above. When a person could recently marry his smartphone in LA, there is definitely nothing wrong in getting smartphone or other gadgets as your friend.

Happy Friendship Day!

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