Top 5 Budget Friendly Earphones For Music Lovers |

Top 5 Budget Friendly Earphones For Music Lovers

These earphones are good in quality and also cater to the needs of a budget conscious music lover.

Top 5 Budget Friendly Earphones For Music Lovers

Everyone has a choice for music and movies. All of this comes together to deliver their best if you have the perfect hardware. Hence, earphones play the most crucial part in this combo. Earphones with nice bass levels, balanced treble, and reduced noise levels are the best. Based on personal preference, people might go for a good bass or some might pick one with a nice balance of all components. With so many options to choose from, it gets tough to decide good quality earphones that sound great for the money. So, here are the most loved budget friendly earphones in India for music lovers:

1. PTron HBE7 Headset

Price: INR 299

The new premium quality PTron HBE7 headset is light in weight, easy to carry and has been designed to give it a cool and attractive look. It comes with a tangle free, 120 cm long TPE cable. The portable hands-free headset makes it easy to make private voice/video calls, answer calls and hang up easily. The new earphones come with a slim and short cable, a cord mounted on/off button, soft and comfortable ear buds, built-in microphone and volume button. One can clip it on the shirt for convenience. It is featured with balanced sound with full frequency range. It has two speakers in each earphone and the noise isolation feature produces very clear sound. It comes with 3.5 mm jack and mic. Also, it is perfect for both iOS and Android smart phones. The PTron HBE7 universal in-ear earphone is exclusively available on in two basic variants of color, white and black.

2.  Skullcandy Rail S2LEZ-J569 In Ear Wired Earphones

Price: INR 399

This pair of Skullcandy Rail S2LEZ-J569 Wired In-Ear Earphones comes without Mic. The earphone is not only advanced in terms of its performance, but also well-designed and compact. It helps you to enjoy listening to your favorite music in a comfortable manner, even for long hours. The pair of Skullcandy earphones comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Being compatible with most smartphones and mp3 players, it is a great pick for everyone who loves listening to music while travelling. It is compatible with Android, Apple, and other devices in addition to being compatible with mp3 players, tablets, and laptops as well. The 3.5 mm connector makes it convenient to plug it into your audio device and enjoy. It comes in a funky blue shade that makes it look even more attractive. The in-ear design also contributes to its comfort quotient.

3. Creative In-Ear Ep- 600 Earphones

Price: INR 499

The Creative EP-600 earphone lets you experience pulsating and superior sonic performance. These creative in-ear headphones are extremely lightweight and compact and fit snugly into the ear canal, offering complete comfort no matter how long you wear it. Irrespective of whether you are working out in the gym or out on the jogging track, it will be extremely comfortable. These Creative earphones offer completely cut out ambient sound are highly sought after and Creative has an elite range of them. They are designed to deliver a wholesome and rounded audio profile, these noise cancelling in-ear headphones are ideal for your MP3 players or your iPod. Powered by 10mm headphone drivers, they deliver clear sound with deep resonating bass. The in-ear design creates a perfect seal that completely isolates the sound.

4. Sennheiser MX 170 Headphone

Price: INR 640

Sennheiser brings a simple reason in the form of this earbud headphone for you to get rid of your old tangled headphones now. Listening to music on the go turns easy with the Sennheiser MX 170 earbud headphone as it promises flawless performance and superb comfort to the wearer. The powerful earphones can deliver a bass stereo sound, which can offer you an incomparable music experience. The symmetrical cable can offer you more flexibility when it comes to moving around while listening to music and the cable slider can help you manage the extra cable with ease. The headphone is perfect for outdoor use as it blocks less noise and can keep you aware of your surroundings. The headphone comes with earbuds for a more comfortable fit and is compatible with MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, and other portable media players as well. Coming with a 2-year warranty, the product can assure you about its durable performance. Being affordable enough, this Sennheiser Earbud Headphone is for those music lovers who want to catch every beat of music amidst the busy schedules and need an option to fit in their budget.

5. Philips SHE1455WT In-Ear Headphone

Price: INR 499

With the integrated microphone and call button you can use this Philips headset for music as well as calls from your mobile phone. The Super-small speaker drivers of these Philips earphones fit comfortably inside the ear and thanks to the exceptionally snug fit the outside noise is sealed out for high-intensity listening experience. With a choice of 3 interchangeable ear caps, from size small to large, surely there is a pair that makes these Philips earphones fit your ear perfectly. They have an ideal cable length to give you the freedom to put your audio device where you want. The ultra-small in-ear headphone design with soft caps for comfort and compact fit. Small efficient speakers for Philips earphones ensure an exact fit and deliver precise sound with powerful bass, ideal for your listening enjoyment. Philips earphones comes with a choice of 3 interchangeable ear caps from size small to large, surely there is a pair that makes these Philips earphones fit your ear perfectly. It also has a 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use.

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