Social Media Do’s And Don’ts - Part 1 |

Social Media Do’s And Don’ts - Part 1

For the greater good of mankind, please don’t be a jerk!

Social Media Do’s And Don’ts - Part 1

The evolution of homo sapiens has transcended to a digital era, where it has been entrenched in our DNAs to be social in a virtual world - it’s called Social networking. Yeah, that’s how we roll!

Once upon a time, a generation struggled to tear down a wall; fast-forward to the present - You are what your Facebook Wall says! Our lives orbit around “The Wall”, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder and other social networking sites; we need to be mindful how we use them and what we post on them. Let’s go by the policy of live and let live.

Starting with the basics - Facebook.

First things first, stop with those depressing “love failure” posts! STOP sharing those ridiculously annoying posts captioned “Like if you agree - You once had a friend who is now a stranger”. No brownie points for guessing why that friend is now a stranger.

Depression is a serious issue, seek help. If your status updates are meant for “that” person, then stop being a couch potato. Go talk to that person in person. Save your friends the torture, we hate melodrama on our newsfeed.

Secondly - There has been no deaths or casualties reported due to the “neglect”, “no like” or “non-sharing” of posts. So do yourself and the rest of the world a favour. It’s simple, don’t be stupid. What did our parents and ancestors do for “good luck”? Did they survive by sharing a post or by liking a post in 10 seconds? If you ever experience the seven-year itch, blame yourself!

Now, to the simpler things that we like to call basic etiquettes. While uploading pictures of you and your friends from an eventful night, be a good friend and ask them if they want those pictures on Facebook and if they’d like being tagged. Unless you are twin souls, and telepathically understand each other, follow this rule. Internet can be a merciless place; you don’t want to be trolled for embarrassing pictures.  Learn to respect other’s privacy and personal space.

Send a friend request if only if you are acquainted with that person. Adding random strangers to your friends list does not make you popular, but gullible to stalkers and creeps. Be sensible.

Please don’t use Facebook to bully, sext or even stalk! This is highly inappropriate and unforgivable. Karma is a bitch, period.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's focus on WhatsApp!

We have multiple groups, most of them muted! Why? WhatsApp status, I am not going to talk about that at all. Nope. Instead let’s understand WhatsApp group dynamics.

School groups, college groups, BFF groups, office groups, friends from office groups, cousins group, family groups, gym groups, phew! Multitasking and patience at its best folks!

Numerous groups and message notifications can be annoying, therefore decide in advance to create a group, add those who are interested, respect a person's choice to join or leave the group. Don’t force a group on a person, that’s cruelty.

Share messages, jokes and videos according the group. In a formal group, understand why the group is created and discuss only relevant matter. Don’t be that “lame” person who forwards cliched jokes and those damned ‘share if you care’ messages in a work group! Family groups please take note, use the group to plan a family vacation, don’t harass us with your pearls of wisdom, insurance and marriage. Thank you!

When you want to send a message on a group, do it when the rest of the world is wide awake. A trivial message on the group at 3 AM could lead to serious consequences. Mind it ra!

Last but not the least, the last seen and blue double ticks are not to be used to stalk people, or make assumptions at all times. The person will respond to your message when they are comfortable. You don’t have to be Sherlock and creepily keep a track of their last seen. Most couples get into nasty fights - courtesy obsession with last seen! What did the makers actually intent these features for? Worth a thought.

It's a social world, be social, not a sociopath. Thank You!

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