Seven Technologies That Have Redefined Gaming |

Seven Technologies That Have Redefined Gaming

Gamepads, Tread Gaming, AR/VR, Tread Gaming... all have taken the gaming world by storm over the couple of years.

Seven Technologies That Have Redefined Gaming

Remember those times when the only gaming gadgets we knew were the video game boxes attached to our TVs with a lot of wires and two remote controllers? Those days were the best days when all we had to do during our summer vacations was to play video games like Mario, Adventure Island, Contra and a lot more from that repetitive gaming list of 999999999. Time changed and so did the technology.

Then came the era of video game arcades wherein the gamers had joysticks and two big buttons to play their favorite and popular games like Tekken and Snow Bros. All you had to do was buy coins, put them in the slot and play till the game ended. The craze for video game arcades was infectious to an extent that kids used to bunk their tuitions and wait in queues for playing those games with their pocket money.

Since then technology has kept on changing at a pace much faster than our imagination. Leave aside those boxes and arcades, we have even forgot about our personal favorite Play Stations and PSPs which defined the new technology era maybe some time back?

With the ever changing technology environment and thanks to its dynamic nature, gamers today have a lot of options in terms of gadgets that take their gaming experience to a different level altogether. No matter your pocket allows or not, the gaming segment has gadgets for everyone. It’s like a revolution that has taken place leaving everyone confused with the number of choices available in the market.

To clear all the confusion and also, enlighten everyone with the hot selling technology in the market, below is a list of 7 technologies that have taken the gaming industry by storm.

1. Virtual Reality

How will you feel if you are given a chance to be in the game and play yourself? This is no more a dream for gamers. The wheel of technology has turn to give us almost everything possible. Be it headsets, eye gears, controllers or suits, virtual reality has changed the game by bringing you and your movements into virtual environments where you can see and feel your body move, manipulate items as if they are right in front of you. All that needs to be done is react as naturally as you do in the real environment.

2. Smartphone Gamepads

How annoying does it get when you try and play your favorite game on smartphone but fail every single time just because you cannot touch multiple buttons on the screen and also, not make your phone fall. The Android Wireless Smartphone Gamepads are easy to use for both new and experienced gamers. It connects easily to smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth-pairing via NFC. What next? Mount your smartphone or tablet on the pad or connect it with TV, get a couch, popcorn bowl and get ready for the ultimate home gaming experience.

3. Tread Gaming

What if someone tells you that you can lose your weight by playing video games? Yes, you heard that right. Tread gaming technology utilizes exercise tools such as the treadmill or an exercise bike to play your favorite games and stay fit at the same time. While exercising is a tough task for many of us, a gaming experience along with it can definitely help us burn more calories.

4. Augmented Reality

Everyone by now has heard of Pokemon Go, right? How does it work? What is the technology behind it? Well, it’s nothing but one of the greatest technological advances known as augmented reality. It is interesting to see how this has changed the gaming segment. It blurs the line between the real world and virtual augmentation by using a combination of real as well as virtual scenes. Augmented reality console devices help the players to take a role in the game and actually use physical actions to control and movements and actions in the game. This makes the game much more lifelike.

5. Gaming Vest

Gaming vest technology allows the gamers to feel everything that happens during the course of a game. Utilizing the award winning 4DFX technology, it takes the haptic signals or the audio coming from the game turning it into an amazing experience for the gamers.

6. Gaming Mouse

Who thought the boring mouse that helps make our office work easy could be used for playing games as well? That’s what technology has done by making it possible. Gaming mouse provides deep insights into the gaming via built in sensors. These sensors track the heart rate, galvanic skin response and actions per minute.

7. Racing Wheel/ Driving Simulator

This is like a blessing for all those boys who love car racing and ever wished to be racers. The technology provides them with high-speed gaming, precision steering wheel for control during simulated races and above all, speed shifter and brakes. The steering wheel is detachable so that it can be easily stored.

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