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5 Hacks To Get The Best Out Of Google Maps

When using a smartphone, be smart enough to use your apps the right way.

5 Hacks To Get The Best Out Of Google Maps

Imagine if Hansel and Gretel had Google Maps instead of breadcrumbs? Phew, we no longer need to rely on breadcrumbs to remember or find our way; all thanks to the technology called Google Maps. An inevitable part of our lives, Google Maps can get a little annoying to use and make sense if you don’t learn how to use it the right. We are as good as the technology we use, so let’s make Google Maps easier and interesting.

1. Add Labels

You can make Google smarter and better. The next time you visit any place remember to add a label. By creating a label, you need not struggle the next time you want to revisit the place as you can easily access them from “Your Places”.

The estimated travel time and routes can be a little confusing and misleading. The best you can do is label your home and your office, which will help Google to give more accurate results. This is more advisable than just adding a star. For better results, make this a habit.

2. Get Directions To Your Phone

Use the “Send To Your Phone” tool seen right below your “Options” and above the travel route. (See the image below). Don’t cringe about switching Google Maps from PC to your smartphone, just send the directions to your phone. Any device that has been synced to your Google account will be enough for you to send the directions.

3.  Be Cool And Be A Local Guide

If you travel frequently and you know the best places in town, then you should be a local guide. Google has kickstarted its Local Guides program. Join the program and help Google with photos, reviews and suggesting edits. (Reviews are not abusive nor pompous - Stay tuned, for Top Online and Internet Etiquettes.)

Google incentivizes the Guides with Drive storage space and invites to preview beta features. Sounds cool? This is one way of making Google Maps more effective and the best part is that you can be a part of it. Gradually more and more people will be thankful to you for contributions.

4. Keep Your Timeline

“I had the best pasta ever in my life last!” “Oh great! Which restaurant was it?” – “Ooops, can’t remember.” To avoid situations like these, keep your timeline updated. Don’ worry about Google being aware of every step that you take, it’s for your convenience. In case you use Google Photos, Google Maps will be able to show the pictures clicked at particular location. Your timeline does not lie, so ensure that you don’t lie too. If you don’t appreciate the idea of a timeline, you can delete your history to turn the feature off. 

5. Offline Maps

The world is too vast for Google maps and despite twinkling and deceiving 4G advertisements not all areas including cities boast of uninterrupted and seamless internet network. So if you ever happen to be in the Hansel and Gretel kind of situation, don’t blame the Maps or the internet. You are lost, because you did not download the gift of Offline Maps. 

Go to your “Settings” and then “Offline Areas” and click on the “Plus” button to better navigate your way without data connection. Downloading offline maps takes up a lot of storage space so be wise in deciding how much you want to download. 

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