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Ending The Ableism: Xbox To Make Wheelchair Options Available

Xbox avatars might also receive an upgrade, judging by the teaser.

Ending The Ableism: Xbox To Make Wheelchair Options Available

In a move that will surely appeal to vast numbers of people across the globe (including yours truly), Xbox is set make wheelchair options available for gamers. The news was confirmed by Xbox head Phil Spencer in a Twitter conversation:

Image via @SeamusBlackley

This is great news for differently-abled gamers who need not now feel excluded due to a lack representation in gaming. However, the wheelchairs teased in the images have been termed old-fashioned and ugly; “That’s like an old-person hospital chair.” Xbox Addict tweeted. Several Xbox One fans sent pictures to Microsoft, showing them what a modern wheelchair unit really looks like.


Image via Polygon

What catches the eye in the image is not only the inclusion of the wheelchairs, but also the new polish that the avatar models and their outfits seem to have acquired. This comes as a major departure from previous editions, as Xbox Live avatar models and clothing textures have undergone little to no change since their debut in 2008.

There’s no concrete information regarding when exactly the Xbox Live avatar overhaul will be implemented. The next Xbox Live update, Anniversary, is expected later this summer. Perhaps we’ll hear a bit more about these developments then. At any rate, all ears will be kept glued to the ground.


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