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5 Innovative Apps To Bag GMASA16 Awards

From free calls to medicinal information and making travelling in Bangalore easier... these apps are definitely innovative.

5 Innovative Apps To Bag GMASA16 Awards

It won't be wrong if I say that mobile apps are the latest lifeline of human beings. It seems to have become the fuel which takes us places in our journey called life. And let's admit it -- there are plenty of them on the play store/ app store making it difficult to get noticed. However, GMASA is a great event where app developers get all the focus they deserve for developing their apps with such care and love. Awards are given to apps over 19 categories and though all of them are simply great ones, a few are definitely game changing!

Here are 5 innovative apps you can find on Google Play Store. Mind it... they also bagged the GMASA16 awards at the summit held in Bangalore on July 6 and 7.

1. Nanu - Free Calls For Everyone

  • Category: Communication
  • Play Store Rating: 3.9
  • App Size: 15 MB
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

Who doesn't love free calls? Well, we all do! And that's when the app 'Nanu' comes into the scenario. The app provides free calls using VoIP. In-fact, Nanu is said to consume 80 per cent less data when you compare it with other VoIP apps. Interestingly, this is what can actually take communication using VoIP in India to the next level, which means... users can now enjoy clear and crisp calls even on 2G and congested networks! A must feature for India.

2. Flock

  • Category: Business
  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • App Size: 8.8 MB
  • Installs: 50,000 - 100,000

Flock helps entreprise communication easier. This may remind you of a very popular service called 'Slack', but Flock is definitely levelled up. The app allows users to easily communicate with colleagues, partners, and team mates and the user experience no different from that of WhatsApp, which most of us are familiar with. A few important features are real time messaging, audio-video calling, file sharing, polls, and integrations with tools like Trello, Twitter, GitHub, etc.

3. Swap - Get Your Next Novel Free

  • Category: Books and Reference
  • Play Store Rating: 4.6
  • App Size: 19 MB
  • Installs: 1,000 - 5,000

We have digital novel stores, e-book apps, and what not, when it comes to reading books. But, this is something unique. If you have a book, with 'Swap' app, you can swap it with another book your neighbor has. Now that's some social media sharing type of service that's happening with this app. A unique concept for sure. However, the limit that comes for early users is... there are barely a few installations until now which means that, the chances of your neighbor having this app installed is less for now. But, think of the use case this app has if our support is with them, and if all of us install it! Boundless!

4. 1mg - Save On Medicine/Lab Tests

  • Category: Medical
  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • App Size: 9 MB
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

What do you do if you fall sick? Call a doctor or go to a clinic nearby? STOP! Don't! You have 1mg mobile app which is pretty much popular among the digital era smartphone users. With just a click of a button, you can get information related to medicines, their substitutes, side effects, and more importantly... this app allows users to consult doctors online for free. Ordering medicinal drugs is also possible with this app now. You can even book a lab test online! What more would you expect?

5. BMTC 

  • Category: Transportation (GMASA People's Choice Award Winner)
  • Play Store Rating: 3.5
  • App Size: 15 MB
  • Installs: 10,000 - 50,000

If you are residing in the city of Bangalore in India, it is pretty sure you might be already knowing this app. If not, then this is the app which is actually solving commuting problems of most of citizens in the city. The app helps in providing real time information on BMTC (Bangaore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses. The information include locate nearby bus stops, locate buses on route, buses arriving at airport, planning trips, and a lot more. Users can even use the app to give feedback about the buses they commute in.

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