Five Android Apps To Make Your Insta Pop |

Five Android Apps To Make Your Insta Pop

Be the best Instagrammer you know!

Five Android Apps To Make Your Insta Pop

Let it never be said that Instagram has no good features. The app’s built-in filters and editing tools are pretty good, but ‘pretty good’ is never good enough for the avid photo-phile, is it? That’s when we turn to third-party apps that fulfil our desires rather better, and allow us to post the super-edited photos on Insta. Sweet!

Layout by Instagram; PicStitch

Nothing’s more annoying that having one’s feed clogged up by about 15 different photos from a single friend (yes, I’m a hypocrite); I mean, calm down! Apps like PicStitch and Layout by Instagram allow users to create a collage using multiple photos in a single frame, thus allowing you to display all the photos you want without taking over your friends’ feeds à la photocalypse.

Boomerang from Instagram; PHHHOTO

Rave, repeat! With apps like Boomerang and Phhhoto, you can capture and loop short videos so that you can always relive any moment that made you laugh. I wish this app had been around when I was growing up; I’d have put it to great use.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Ever seen the sunset in a time-lapse video? Hint: you need to. Microsoft Hyperlapse allows you to either capture a fresh video or use an existing one, and speed up the playback to up to 16x the normal speed. You can use the whole video or just a small cut; that’s up to you. The app creates smooth, stable videos that looks like it’s been shot using high-end gear.


As I said earlier, Insta’s filters are good, but Snapseed is something else altogether. Google’s Snapseed is a great photo editing app, with a huge array of editing tools that are infinitely more powerful than Insta’s own. The delectable selection of filters has multiple options within them- filters within filters, if you will. All in all, Snapseed is a must-have editing tool for any avid Instagrammer.


Personally, I think the selfie is one of the coolest kinds of photographs around- it’s personal, self-appreciative, and it’s the one photograph of yourself where your look is, literally and figuratively, in your hands. Selfie-editing tools like Perfect365 enhance this power, which means you’re never unhappy with your selfies. It’s got pretty nice filters- the makeup ones are both classy and crazy, and you can play around with filters on pre-existing photos as well as before taking a photo with the selfie cam. I call that neat!

So there you have it: the five Android apps that I think are absolute must-haves for Insta-maniacs who love tweaking and playing around with their photos and videos. All these apps are available for free download on the Google Play Store. Anyone have any other cool apps they swear by?

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