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Crowdfunding For A Social Cause

Platforms such as Kickstarter has popularised the concept of crowdfunding for business, and a Bangalore based startup aims to create a crowdfunding marketplace for a noble cause.

Crowdfunding For A Social Cause

Fuel A Dream is a crowdfunding marketplace for people and organizations that aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes and charities. Founded in the year 2015 and based in Bangalore, the start-up aims to impact 2.2 billion people in India, Africa and South East Asia. Fuel A Dream has raised $ 250,000 in an initial round of funding over the last 8 months from a clutch of individual investors from the corporate world. Vanni, an organization that works for the well being of deaf children has kick started a campaign to aid the welfare of deaf children.Vaani intends to reach out to every deaf child in India by initiating Sadhan Centres in all states, starting with Karnataka. They hope to raise INR 14,00,000 on the crowdfunding platform. The funds will be utilized to set up a Sadhan Resource Centre in Bangalore.

Ranganath Thota, Founder and CEO of shared, “It is humbling to see how easily we can make a difference to so many lives. We really believe in this campaign and hope that the citizens could also find it in their heart to help these children and help in their education.”

Vaani’s method of teaching involves the Combined Method of Communication and focuses on communication between the parent and the child. This involves incorporating various means of communication including sign language, gestures, body language, written and visual aids, listening, lip reading, and speech to educate a child with hearing loss. Each family receives comprehensive, unbiased information, and training thus enabling them to make informed decisions for their children based on their own culture, values, and views.In 10 years, Vaani has touched the lives of 27,000 people - 6400 children, 11300 parents, 6544 professionals, 3000 general public, across 8 states.

Arun Lal, former Indian cricketer and commentator says, “There’s such little knowledge about deafness and it’s a difficult problem to handle. I have known Vaani for a long time, been associated with them and seen their good work. In the past even the Indian cricket team has also raised funds for them. It’s imperative that their knowhow is shared with more people and would implore all to donate to this cause.”

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