An Exercise In The Superfluous: Invoxia’s Voice Bridge |

An Exercise In The Superfluous: Invoxia’s Voice Bridge

Invoxia’s soon-to-be-released gadget renders the landline useless while trying to give it a new lease of life

An Exercise In The Superfluous: Invoxia’s Voice Bridge

Invoxia has launched the Voice Bridge, a device that connects your smartphone and landline. It forwards calls from your landline to your smartphone so that when away, ‘be notified instantly on your smartphone of who’s calling you at home’ (quote from Voice Bridge product page on the Invoxia site).

Which would be invaluable if not for the fact that most people could literally just call your smartphone.

I suppose office-goers, who sometimes have a specific work line, might find it more useful- but companies are now issuing phones for this very purpose, so I can’t actually think of how the Voice Bridge would improve things on this front.

Apart from being an extra gadget; I suppose that might look cool for a while.

Seriously, though, I know perhaps two people who still use a landline, and one is an octogenarian. The landline has been a part of most of our lives (I speak for the 90s kids here), and the least Invoxia could have done was let it die a natural death.

What they have done, instead, is to drag the landline back into prominence. Prominence that has an expiry date, because when calls are being forwarded to your smartphone anyway, why even bother with the Voice Bridge-landline-connection? Too cumbersome; let’s get rid of the landline altogether.

Like I said: cool for a while.


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