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5 Ways To Speed Up Google Chrome

A few tips to enjoy smooth, fast user experience on Chrome browser without slowing down your computer

5 Ways To Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome certainly is the most sought after browser, as almost half the online world uses it for their experiences on the internet. But if the browser itself is not taken care of, it can seem to be awfully slow and tedious to use, even with high speed internet at one's disposal. Here are a few tips and tricks which would help in reducing the load on your computer so that Chrome run more efficiently:

1) Remove unnecessary extensions

The extensions are what make the user experience on the Chrome browser more interesting. But at the same time their disadvantage is slowing down of the computer and the browser experience going down over time. Hence, the best way would be to remove the extensions one does not use. There is a hamburger icon one needs to click and then go over 'More Tools', and then 'Extensions'. Or one can type chrome://extensions, followed by unchecking the 'enabled' box, which shall temporarily disable the respective extension. Also, if one clicks on the Bin icon, the extensions are permanently deleted, which can be downloaded again from the Chrome Web store at any time.

2) Suspend unnecessary tabs

While most of us are multi-tasking online, courtesy the powerful computers we have, but opening too many tabs at the same time can really take the juice out of the processing power. The tricky part is, one may have multiple tabs of important work to deal with, hence may not be able to close them. This can be solved by using an extension like Great Suspender. This extension allows for the more inactive tabs to be suspended from memory, for a limited period of time, following which they can be revived easily, with a mouse click. Using the extension, would reduce the burden on the memory, and bring back some life into the computer's operations. However, one needs to be careful that the internet connection does not get disconnected, or the site does not change.

3) Keep a tab on plug-ins

The plug-ins help in getting a fuller experience of any website. But even the ones which are not very actively used end up eating away the memory of the computer, thus making it very slow to operate. The best way is to disable the not so commonly used plug-ins, which in most times can be re-activated with a mouse click, or simply be downloaded when needed.

4) Keep saved browser sessions handy

Instead of picking out each tab of the browser for suspension, it would make better sense to use an extension like TabCloud+ and Session Buddy, which would save entire browser sessions, which can then be restored as per preference. Using these extensions will ensure that the browser is not too heavy with the active tab sessions, but one needs to ensure that nothing has changed on the respective sites open in these tabs, or the internet connection is not disconnected. That would prevent the suspended tabs from being restored again.

5) Turn off per-fetching feature

Chances are that Google Chrome is also slowing down because when one visits a particular category of website Chrome may well be loading a similar one in the background, either partially or fully. This is done to make similar category of browsing easier and add to the experience. None the less, it can put Chrome under immense strain sometimes which can be dealt with easily. One needs to go to the Settings menu under 'Show advanced settings' and Privacy and then uncheck the box with the marking 'Use prediction service to load pages quickly.' Though it might slow down the browsing a bit, but will help the rest of the computer deal with Google Chrome's load.

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