Track Your Friend's Location Via GeoConnect |

Track Your Friend's Location Via GeoConnect

The new startup is also planning to tie-up with cab aggregators to transform the way people commute.

Track Your Friend's Location Via GeoConnect

I am sure, we all must have at some point of time dreamed to know the exact location of our friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, we never found a way. But, don't you worry. Karthik from Hyderabad has founded a startup called GeoConnect which somehow answers this question.

However, don't remain under the impression where you can track that one friend of yours who has been lying about his/her current location! GeoConnect is a solution for sure, but it respects the user's privacy.

I was able to catch hold of Karthik at the IAMAI and Mobile 10X Start Up Summit that took place here in Bangalore on May 4. According to him, the year old Android app is probably the best location assistant which mainly focuses on connecting people over the map.

After Karthik took me through the app, I was pretty much profound to see how swiftly the app responded with an answer when he asked, "Where Is Rajarshi?" Well, it was a voice search much like how you would do with Google Now, but here it was actually telling how far his friend is lcoated.

While explaining about his start-up, Karthik expressed his interest in taking the app a little further by partnering with companies like Uber, Ola, and FoodPanda. This partnership would enable users to book a cab directly on the GeoConnect app itself allowing them to share the ride with other friends via GeoConnect. Here, the real-time location of you and your friends will be shared with each other and you all shall know where each one is and which will be the optimised way of reaching each other.

Karthik also has plans to collaborate with the public transport system in Hyderabad and install smartphones in buses. This would be enabling the passangers to actually know the real time scenario of the bus route they use everyday, and thus plan their other works accordingly.

The app is now live worldwide, and the most number of registrations, according to Karthik are coming from India and Brazil.

GeoConnect definitely looks like a promising app, and you can download it from here. Do not worry! The app respects your privacy and you can turn off the location feature if you do not want your friends to know where you currently are. However, I feel the entire fun lies when you turn the location sharing on.

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