Photoshop Should be Banned

And what about videoshopping?

Photoshop Should be Banned

Image Source: OK Magazine
Kourtney Kardashian’s dress changed from a white to purple and yes, the  Magazine slimmed her down so much!

Adobe’s spectacular success as a corporation is largely because of Photoshop. Nothing else has changed the way we see things, literally. Anything can make a piece of hardware work — Windows, Linux, Unix. Anyone can make a smartphone work — Google, Apple, Microsoft.

But nothing alters our worldview like Photoshop does.

It’s so radical, we don’t even know whether what we’re seeing is real or not.

Here’s a YouTube video that demonstrates how images are altered all the time. It’s not about Adobe Photoshop; it’s specifically about tactical image altering.

Here’s an example of Photoshopping:


Lest you start thinking I’m gay, here’s a Photoshopped girl:

Image Source:

We all know this, don’t we?

But then there’s the next level: Videoshopping. I looked it up, and I find it’s not a standard term. But it happens all the time. There’s a song featuring Priyanka Chopra — with moves so lewd we can’t use a screenshot — where the hue of her sari actually changes in the middle of the song.

To quote bodies in focus: “Unlike other modes of public deception, our awareness of Photoshopped images hasn’t hindered their prevalence over the years. In other words, tampering with the facts is OK when it comes to the body.”

This is one of the darkest sides of tech. Which might have been OK, except that we accept it.

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