None Can Destroy the Auto Industry

The reasons are obvious: This industry is about more about the oil market than technology interventions

None Can Destroy the Auto Industry

Geoffrey James of said a couple of days ago that car manufacturers are “clueless when it comes to the effective use of digital technology.” His article is titled “Why Tesla Will Destroy the Automobile Industry.” He goes on to say that Tesla’s “raw technology” and its business model are superior and more efficient, respectively.

Tesla Motors is of “Premium Electric Vehicles” fame.

We really would like to believe, see, and experience this kind of reality: Where raw technology wins. At the same time, we all know it won’t. In the case of electric vehicles, it’s about oil.

Tesla Motors is an “automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components...”

And what would happen if this kind of thing were to be allowed to take off?

The oil equation would be disrupted; the US economy would shift gears, in which case the world economy would; people everywhere would lose jobs, and... You know the rest.

Lest this sound like a rant, here’s about electric cars in the US vs in Europe:

Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed in America Because It Is Too Efficient

U.S. Government blocks sales of fuel-efficient cars

... And any number of Google results that you can find.

Unfortunately, in the US (and that affects the rest of us) they want oil, so clean energy (and the associated technology) are out of the question. It’s a sad loss for tech.

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