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Pump the Waste Into India

Including dead iPhones!

Pump the Waste Into India

Before saying what the Bad Thing is: “Last year alone” — it was in 2009 — “nine containers of hazardous waste imported from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Barcelona by three different companies in Tamil Nadu were caught at the port in a clear pointer to rural India becoming a waste bin for the developed world.”

I hate the Times of India, but I, sadly, have to quote it: “Is India a global trash can?” And here’s the quote: “And so, 103.7 metric tonnes of Barcelona's garbage — from shredded plastic carry bags to used diapers and napkins — arrived last August at the nondescript port of Tuticorin in southern India.”

And yes, we are, in case you didn’t know! Sorry! For the exclamation marks! In case you don’t like it! But it’s terrible! Read! The TOI article for how this has been! Happening!

And now, saying what the Bad Thing is: Apple is trying to get into the Indian smartphone market by selling pre-used phones.

The iPhone maker is (probably) about to become the first company to sell used phones in this country as an industry. “Its second attempt in as many years. This time, the stakes are higher ... warning government officials in private that it'll open the floodgates to electronic waste, jeopardize local players, and make a farce of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make in India program to encourage local manufacturing.”

There have been several backlashes. I can hear a real English-sounding voice (I mean English-English) on Bloomberg. (From a Chinese / Korean person. Pardon the racialisticness or racialism or what you call it.) It’s fun! (Sorry Edwin Chan!)

Thanks to “Edwin” (he obviously has a Chinese name apart from his Oxford name), but yeah, he speaks the truth.

Here’s the crunch. What of the above is the worst?

E-waste and local competition are bad things, yes. But This Thing That Will Make India A Global Trash Can is the worst. Local manufacturing goes to the dogs. Modi is right. Modi’s Thing is a farce. (?)

On a lighter note — a much lighter note — the same author speaks about bringing digital banking to 1.2 billion people. I appreciate Saritha Rai for providing me the links, but this one — where all the country’s people have bank accounts: I’m sorry. Right next to where I live, people live under a flyover. Some ask for money.

Some ask for a vada-pav.

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