No, AI hasn’t done anything yet |

No, AI hasn’t done anything yet

Because, artificial intelligence isn't really about ordering tacos by talking to a chatbot

No, AI hasn’t done anything yet

Sorry for the blatant plagiarism. The original headline appears on the 7th of April, by Klint Finley (who doesn’t know it’s actually spelt “Clint” as in “Eastwood.” Still, he’s on Wired, so he must mean something.

But maybe not. He / she is basically saying that AI has become intelligent. Sorry for the redundancy, folks, but Mr Klint [Word shows me an error here!] is saying that you can now order your tacos by talking / typing to a chat-bot.

The stuff of the future?

Yeah. [Real Eastwood-style. Yeah man, the man we all want to be. Including the women!]

Except, no.

AI hasn’t gotten anywhere in 70 years. A little chat-app will not do anything for AI.

The Wired section for this page says “Artificial Intelligence, Real Smarts.” No. There are no smarts here. Just automation.

And, poor Klint (who, like I said, can’t spell his name right) starts off with: “Ever wished you could order Taco Bell for everyone in the office using a simple chat bot? No? Well, you’ll soon be able to it anyway.”

Klint, I can order a pizza (or, for that matter, a taco or burrito) from the comfort of my armchair using an app, or my laptop, or my desktop, or my voice. Why would I need a piddling piece of AI to help me?

To de-employ a Mexican worker?

This kind of thing is getting a little too much. I mean, if something can be done by a regular human being using one per cent of his/her brain, you don’t need AI to do it — and this Taco Bell thing just proves it.

Klint, I’m sure you want to be Clint. Please reply. Except for beating Каспарова, AI hasn’t done anything.

Disclaimer: The writer is a Master of Science with a specialisation in AI.

By the way, it really all is to de-employ dumb Mexicans. Go home!

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