Top 5 New Features MIUI 7 Brings With It

Apart from these five features, the MIUI 7 brings a host of innovative and useful features while also bringing in newly designed user experience.

Top 5 New Features MIUI 7 Brings With It

Its been nearly 2 months since the MIUI 7 was announced and the BETA version was available for download. But, it's only on Monday, Oct 27 that Xiaomi rolled out the Global Stable Version of the ROM in India.

While we already know that the MIUI 7 is based on Android Lollipop operating system, it also comes with a number of new features that seem to be completely new. Along with this, some look to be completely made for India.

1. Copy OTP With One Click

OTPs are pretty common in India, especially when you head to purchase something online. So, MIUI 7 brings with it this feature which actually allows you to simply click on Copy OTP button at the end of the message containing the OTP. This definitely solves the problem of trying to remember the OTP and keep on chanting it before you actually enter the OTP on the check-out page on the web browser. In short, with this feature, the OTP is now copied on the clipboard and you can simply paste it onto the web browser.

2. Filtering the Messages

This is definitely another important feature that everyone may need in their life. Usually, SMS inbox is filled with all types of messages from friends, families including the carrier and service messages. However, how would it be if you can filter out the carrier and service messages and keep your inbox cleaner? Well, MIUI 7 brings this facility which is much similar to the categories option in Gmail. In short, with this feature, the carrier and service messages get docked under a group called notifications in the SMS inbox, so that you can access them whenever you really want to.

3. Child Mode

This new feature that comes in MIUI 7 actually allows you to blacklist and whitelist every app based upon the need of accessibility. Also, the feature doesn't allow any app to send an SMS. With these feature, there is no need to worry about your smartphone going into the hands of your children.

4. Caller Profile Video

With this new feature, you can now replace the boring caller profile pictures with a funny video of the caller. While this is not really a useful feature, it surely is an interesting one, especially to see short 'vine' type video personalized by the contacts themselves when they call you.

5. New Music App Interface

MIUI 7 now brings with it a new and update music app interface. While earlier it was a multi-colour interface, the MIUI 7 brings a new UI with white splash and better button orientations making sure that not much unwanted space is eaten up by them. Along with this, the new interface will also bring new sorting options in the 'Downloaded' tab which was also known as 'Local Songs' previously.

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