Will Nextbit Robin's Cloud Storage Be Useful In India?

Accessing the cloud storage may prove to be difficult for most of the users who do not have regular Internet connectivity.

Will Nextbit Robin's Cloud Storage Be Useful In India?

Nextbit, a startup spearheaded by a few former employees of Google, Apple and HTC has been in the news lately regarding its kickstarter funded debut smartphone 'Robin' being available to be shipped to India.

While the unique smartphone comes with an unlimited cloud storage which differentiates it from others, the only question that crawls in our mind is whether it can really be useful in India where users cannot even get a clear 2G network connection.

However, cloud storage is pretty common nowadays with companies like Google providing facility to backup photos and videos on to their cloud servers enabling us to gain access to the content from anywhere and also prevent us from data loss.

But, it might be difficult for a phone with cloud storage as its primary storage facility turn out to play in a country like India where telecom operators are on a rush to launch 4G services one after the other even though there is no proper 2G connectivity in a whole lot of places.

While cloud storage as a primary storage facility seems to be not so appealing for parts of the country where it is hard to access Internet, people tend to opt for micro SD card as the only memory expanding facility. But, on the other hand, cloud storage means no data loss unlike the SD card and also, cloud storage expands the idea of infinite storage unlike the SD card which comes with definite storage space.

In case if you didn't know, the Nextbit Robin automatically transfers the unused apps and data onto the unlimited storage via cloud connectivity.

While the smartphone is based on a unique concept, it is important to have an uninterrupted network connection to enjoy the best of its features.

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