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5 Android Apps That Come In Handy For Avid Travelers

With these apps, you can now plan for a better and refreshing trip while also staying in budget.

5 Android Apps That Come In Handy For Avid Travelers

We have apps for almost everything nowadays from getting up in the morning to buying stuffs and also to cook dinner.

With the rise in the app trend, we are giving here a list of five apps that can actually come in handy to you if you are an avid traveller.

Note that these apps are for your Android smartphone and some of them are available on iPhone too.

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1. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

While travelling, it is always advised to plan and book to enjoy your perfect trip. For this purpose, TripAdvisor actually makes it easy to find about almost everything from lowest airfare, tasty food, best hotels to stay and everything in between. Also, using TripAdvisor, you can find the best options and great deals nearby you in any city that you have visited. You can also browse through millions of reviews, opinions, videos and photographs taken by travellers themselves. You can download it here.

2. Google Translate

There is no need to say on how important a translator would be when you are visiting a foreign countries like Spain or Germany where English is rarely used to communicate. With Google Translate, you can actually translate live what the people you meet are speaking to you. Also, you can read the road signs and menus when you are in A foreign country by just using camera for instant text translation using Google Translate. You can download it here.

3. World Travel Guide by Triposo

When you are in a new city to enjoy your holidays, it is common to lookout for more information about the place and its history. So, you will hire a local guide. Now, with this app, you can easily bid a good bye to the local guide who charges heavily.  The app allows you to pick a country so that you can download the guide. Remember, the downloaded guide works without any Internet connection, which is the USP of this app. You can plan in advance and download the guides of those cities you would be visiting during the holidays and you can save hefty data charges. However, if you are still connected to the Internet, you will be updated with the latest weather  forecast and the current events that's happening in the city. Download it here.

4. Offline maps & Navigation

Maps and Navigation is something you need in your everyday life and we have Google Maps which is very much popular, especially on Android. But, maps and navigation is something that uses your data pretty heavily and thus, while travelling it may not be advisable. Also, if the place you visit has a low speed Internet access, then it might even take hours to load a map. So, offline maps and navigation app is something that allows you to enjoy navigation features offline and you need to download a specific part like Offline Google Maps. You can download the app here.

5. Trabee Pocket

This app is mainly about maintaining and accounting your expenses while you are travelling to make sure you stay in budget. This is definitely useful while traveling as it is important to keep a track as to how much you are spending. This app also comes with multiple currency support and customizable category. With this app, now there is no need to worry about how much exchanged currency is left with you. You can download it here.

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