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  • Review: HTC Flyer

    Review: HTC Flyer

    HTC FlyerMRP: Rs 40,000Street Price (As On 18-Nov-2011): Rs 24,000 (; The video review of the HTC Flyer is now available here. After ...

  • Review: Samsung GALAXY Tab 750

    Review: Samsung GALAXY Tab 750

    Samsung GALAXY Tab 750MRP: Rs 34,000Street Price (As On 9-Dec-2011): Rs 32,000 (; Rs 32,500 ( Android tablet and yet a...

  • Review: HTC Explorer

    Review: HTC Explorer

    HTC ExplorerMRP: Rs 11,600Street Price (As On 11-Nov-2011): Rs 10,500 (; Rs 10,800 ( has been a frontrunner in the smartphone market, esp...