Cheaper Xbox One Expected Next Year; New Processor In The Works

While the current console is a bit too expensive for a gaming console, a hint from the most unexpected places tells us that Microsoft will be building a cheaper model.


Yes, Microsoft could be busy building a cheaper Xbox One right now. How do we know? Well, an AMD chip design manager recently posted his resume online and since everything is pretty much crystal clear on LinkedIn, it makes sense to believe that the employee could in fact be sharing the truth (more so because it was made private, shortly after many noticed the information that it revealed).

The resume included details of what appears to be a chipset he “successfully” planned and designed (inside the current Xbox One) along with a cheaper chipset based on the newer 20 nm technology that made it not only power efficient but cheaper to produce as well. Apparently, there were even two teams set up for the two different chipset (projects).

While the current system does utilize the 28 nm tech, there could surely be another chipset that the company is preparing to deliver by right about this time, but next year. What this of course translates to is probably a cheaper Xbox One with limited features that will not only work more efficiently, but will also run cooler; meaning that it could be built slimmer. Could Microsoft be preparing a slimmer and smaller version of the Xbox One? Only time will tell.



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