Microsoft Updates Xbox Music And Video Apps for Windows Phone

Still does not include dynamic Live Tile support.


Microsoft had promised that they will be working on improving the Xbox Music and Video apps for Windows Phone and this is now happening in the form of regular updates from the Windows Phone team. The company has again rolled out updates for both the Xbox Music and Video squashing some bugs, improving stability and finally makes an effort on reducing those long load times that everyone has been experiencing lately.

The new updates for the Xbox Music app comes in the form of faster load times. If the app is unable to play a particular song, the error message will actually tell you why, instead of displaying gibberish text. The album art playlist bug gets fixed as well. More importantly, content begins syncing in the background making the app freeze a lot less than it used to. Last but not the least; Xbox Music will push artist background on to your lock screen for Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

The Video app on the other hand actually works to begin with. The endless “Loading..” message that many users saw upon launch is now gone with the app leaving you into the Collection section.

Sadly similar to the previous update there is still no live tile support for both apps just yet. This is sad because the app is made by Microsoft and Nokia’s Mix Radio actually shows you album art of the current track; offering a lot more in terms of functionality for Nokia users in India.

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