Amazon Unveils 4.7 Inch 'Fire' Smartphone; Features 3D Display

Pre-orders begin today and customers can either pay $199 for the 32GB version or $299 for the 64GB version


The much awaited smartphone by Amazon is here and the new device has been named Fire Phone that features 3D display capabilities.

The Smartphone is smaller than leading Android phones as it measures 4.7 inch across screen, but us bigger than the Apple’s iPhone.

It was released by the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who said that the phone was ideal for one-handed use. The highly anticipated 3D display is called dynamic perspective, and it shifts the images on screen to account for a user's angle of viewing and movement of the phone.

Pre-orders begin today and customers can either pay $199 for the 32GB version or $299 for the 64GB version. The phone ships on July 25. Amazon is also throwing in 12 months of Amazon Prime service free with Fire.


-Amazon’s phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and it includes 2GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch 720p display.

-The company says the camera has image stabilization to counteract shaking as people take shots and it is offering unlimited free storage on its Cloud Drive service.

- To make that happen, the phone has four front-facing infrared cameras to tell where your head is, even if your fingers happen to cover two of them.

- This is to make the images more dynamic and make it 3D, because most of the images today are flat. Bezos says the phone is basically redrawing the image 60 times per second. Bezos calls this "dynamic perspective."

- The new Firefly feature, snap a photo of a book title, and it'll show you where to buy it, obviously on Amazon. You can make the phone listen to a song, snap a photograph and it also allows you snap bar codes, phone numbers and more.

- Taking a cue from the Smasung galaxy phones, the auto-scroll feature lets you scroll down by tilting the phone.

- The apps for the phone would be limited to what's available through Amazon's own app store.

- The phone will come with earbuds that have flat cords and magnets to clasp them together, so tangled cords will be history.


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