Upgrading Your PC? Wait For Intel's 4th-Gen i7 Extreme Chip

Intel will launch its 4th generation Core-i7 Extreme Edition chip in mid-2014.


Intel has announced its 4th generation Core-i7 Extreme Edition CPU at the 2014 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. The American chip-maker prefers to call it the 'Devil's Canyon'.


According to Engadget, the chip is built on Intel's Haswell architecture. It boasts of eight unlocked cores, up from the last generation's six cores. It supports the latest DDR4 RAM standard, allowing for much faster transfer speeds and lower power consumption.


The company claims the new i7 Extreme features a better thermal interface, which will enable “significant” overclocking and performance enhancements. Like all other Extreme editions, the company will be targeting gaming enthusiasts and has indeed added enough firepower to keep them interested.


The 4th gen i7 Extreme Edition is expected to hit the markets mid-2014. So if you were planning to upgrade that gaming rig of yours, it makes sense to wait for a few months.

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