Download: SMSAlarm (Android)

Yet another app to remind you where you last left your Android smartphone.


When you invest quite a bit of your savings to buy a decent Android smartphone, you'd want to hang on to it at least till the time you pay its EMIs. And if your phone is a tablet-sized beast, then you will probably spot it from anywhere in the room. However, looking at how we are getting forgetful, and tend to forget where we last left our gadgets; there are apps which come to our rescue. Now the Google Play store has quite a collection of apps that help you locate your misplaced Android device, the SMSAlarm is the lightest of them all. Plus, it also works on most Android devices, even if you own an ancient one running Android 1.6!

Publisher: nebkat
Price: Free
Platform: Android 1.6 and above
Size: 53 KB
Download URL:

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