Futuremark Launches Latest 3DMark For Windows

Company insists that it is to be called just "3DMark"; versions for other platforms coming soon.


PC enthusiasts, overclockers, and gamers would be delighted to know that Futuremark has finally launched the much-awaited 3DMark for Windows. The company insists that this version will only be known as "3DMark", and not as 3DMark 13 or by any other name. In case you are not aware, 3DMark is a benchmarking suite that tests Windows hardware, especially pushing the graphics hardware to the limits, and producing a score that can help compare different machines. While it is currently released only for Windows, the company plans to launch versions for Android, iOS, and Windows RT in the coming weeks.

The new 3DMark consists of three demos: DirectX 11-based Fire Strike (for high performance Windows PCs), DirectX 10 Cloud Gate (for Windows notebooks and home PCs), and Ice Storm (meant for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, but can run on a Windows PC). 3DMark will be available as a free Basic Edition, Advanced Edition for $25 (Rs 1400), and Professional Edition for a whopping $1000 (Rs 53,000). While you download it, take a look at the below video to find out what is in store.

TAGS: Software, Graphics Cards


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