Valve Is Being Sued In Germany For Not Allowing Transfer Of Purchased Games

Federation of German Consumer Organization is taking up the mantle.


The inability to transfer purchased games or transfer entire accounts is one of the sore points of Steam — Valve's gaming distribution system. The idea that you should not be able to sell a used game makes perfect business sense for Valve. However, for gamers it is not such good deal. Why should a user who has already played a game not be able to sell it ?

The Federation of German Consumer Organization (VZBV) has sued Valve in Germany over this issue. The VZBV has argued that owners of traditional board games can resell it after they are done with it, so should owners of digital games be able to do so.

The problem arises with the fact that the registration key of a game is tied to one single Steam account, making it impossible to transfer the game to another person. Moreover, Valve's end user license agreement prohibits selling of Steam accounts.

Interestingly, the same organization had sued Valve earlier for the same reason which was decided in Valve's favour by German Federal Court of Justice. The new lawsuit comes after the last year's ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which says that trading of used software licenses is completely legal and that the author of the software cannot prohibit its resale. The German Consumer Organization is hoping that with the new ruling in place its new lawsuit will be decided in their favour.

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