Toreto Brings Its New Wireless Charger Magik

The wireless charger environment friendly and compatible with all Qi-enabled devices


Portable digital product maker Toreto has come up with ‘Magik’ a wireless charger that it claims can charge your mobile phones seamlessly and much faster than the regular chargers.

Magik not only not only promises to power up your phone at a fast rate but also act as a lamp to light up your house in different colours and create a soothing environment. It has a jellyfish-styled design which further has a high quality anti-skidding silicon cover that can be removed and washed easily too. This makes the wireless charger environment friendly and compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, the company said in a statement.

This wireless charger has a sensitive induction coil and high-end chip that allows fast charging and protects the Smartphone from over-heating, over-charging, voltage fluctuation and short circuit, thus protecting your Smartphone completely. Magik allows you to charge your phone even with the mobile cover and stops charging automatically when the phone is completely charged, giving the battery a longer life.

You can light up your house in seven different colors with this charger since to create a warm and cozy environment in your house.  

While the anti-skidding silicon cover that protects the mobile phone from scratches, the charger also has a built-in magnet insulation sheet that ensures quick charging without emitting any radiation. This Wireless charger assures safe charging as it will automatically detect any metallic objects while working, an LED indicator light will start flashing to inform you. The charger also comes with a built-in vibration switch and three lightning modes.


-  Converts into lamp An inbuilt button allows you to change up to seven different colours according to your frame of mind

-  Soft silicon cover Anti-skidding silicon covers to protect the mobile phone from scratches, easily removable and can also be washed.

-  Environment Friendly: A built-in magnet insulation sheet ensures quick charging while not emitting any harmful radiation.

-  Built-in vibration switch A built-in vibration switch and three lightning mode signify standby, breathing light and solid light. 

Safer wireless charging The charger while working automatically detects coins, keys, rings or any other metallic item on it, the LED indicator light then will start flashing informing you to remove the item.

Toreto’s wireless charger Magik is available at a very attractive price of Rs 1,999/- through all the leading e-commerce platforms and retail stores across India.


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