Save Upto 50% On Your Next Rental Cabs Booking

Nowadays, you can easily rent a cab through the internet, some of the various sites are Zoomcars, Ola rentals, etc which also offers you interesting discounts and offers.


Cabs nowadays are seen every day on streets. The demands of cab service are tremendously increasing as you all need them because they offer quick transportation are affordable too. Taking it to on another level rental cabs are considered as the popular means of transportation in many parts of the world, the increasing popularity of the rental service made the world to adopt their service as one of the essential modes of conveyance. Rental cab services are those in which you can hire a car on rent and can drive it yourself wherever you want to.

The rental cab service grew in such a way that their booking is made available easily online. Nowadays, you can easily rent a cab through the internet, some of the various sites are Zoomcars, Ola rentals, etc which also offers you interesting discounts and offers.


1)OLA: Ola is a big name in the cab service world and is known for the cab service it provides. Ola launched its rental cab service on 2016 based on to simplify intra city travel with affordable hourly packages on Ola Lux, Ola Prime Sedan & SUV as well as Ola Mini. It addresses the unique needs of Ola Corporate customers and working executives who move from one meeting to the other during the day as well as individuals who want to have the convenience of having a cab on disposal for diverse needs like local sightseeing, shopping trips,etc.

  • Offers: The best part of online rental cab services is, that you get a number of discounts and offers to choose from according to your suitability. And if you are going to download the app and will be booking your first Ola Rental then, there is an amazing discount for you where you can save 30% on your first Ola Rental.
  • Why Book From This Store? : When you book an Ola Rentals, you not only enjoy traveling in an AC cab on hourly packages, but you also get additional benefits like you can make multiple stops and head to multiple destinations in the same cab without having to make another booking and many other such benefits.

2) ZOOMCAR: No more worries about petrol mileage, fuel costs, insurance, and car breakdowns! Zoomcar has enabled driving convenience for travelers around the country and is fast expanding its reach to cities including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi-NCR, and many other part of the country. At zoomcar you can select the choice of your car from like hatchback, sedan, SUV and even bicycles too at an affordable price.

  • Offers: Now you do not have to find reasons to not to go on a family vacation, because of travelling issues. Now you can drive your own car and zoomcar has made this possible for you. Zoomcar also gives various coupons and offers to make your travel even merrier. Like if you book a car for 15 hours then, you get a Flat 15% off on your booking amount. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Why Book From This Store? : Self-drive cars from Zoomcar have given customers more control, privacy, and freedom. Apart from all the conveniences of self-drive rental cars, another major plus point in favour of the self-driven rental vs a cab is the cost. Zoomcar in India provides self-drive cars at less than half of what a taxi or Cab Company will charge you.

3) BOOKING.COM: powered by is another online rental cab service provider which is world’s one of the biggest car rental service, working with over 900 companies in 160 countries. finds your ideal car based on your pick up location and the purpose of hiring the car on rent. With world class service, has gained a lot of positive reviews from their customers worldwide.

  • Offers: People generally hire a taxi in case of emergency or in the last moment due to which you may be charged with higher cost. Booking a cab on rent a few days earlier can help you save some amount and also you tend to get nice discounts too. Similarly offers you a discount of 50% just by signing in.
  • Why Book From This Store? : helps you a lot in saving your precious time. Normally you need to wait for certain time to speak to a representative of cab rental service for hiring their service. But with, you are free from this kind of problem. You no longer have to wait for your turn and can easily rent a cab from literally anywhere.

4) MYLES: Have you ever thought of renting a car in just three steps? If you did’nt then start imagining it because Myles has made it possible for you to rent a cab in just three easy steps and that too with no security deposit. With the spread of myles in 21+cities you can hire a car on rent from its wide range of cars for few hours, or week or month as well.

  • Offer: Myles with its already low prices provides offers on your travelling with Myles. At myles your comfort and luxury is taken care of. From the several offers Myles provide one of its offer is that Myles give you an off of Rs1000 on spending Rs 7000.
  • Why Book From This Store? :  At Myles the best part about it, is that it is clear as a crystal. There is no confusion regarding the booking process. Every process like cost, timing, and type of car is clearly explained and managed online. You also can check the online status to be sure.

5) Skyscanner: Need to rent a car? Look no further. Wherever you want to go, whatever car you need, Skyscanner got the keys. What you need to do is just enter your destination, pick-up and drop-off dates and Skyscanner will get you all the deals from the top car rental companies, so you can compare and book your car in seconds with prices that you will not find anywhere else.

  • Offer : With Skyscanner you'll find some of the lowest car hire prices available on the web. Once you find the car hire deal that's right for you, after then you can apply the offer like saving 25% on your first ride to save even more on the deal.
  • Why Book From This Store? : With Skyscanner you'll find some of the lowest car hires prices available on the web. Once you find the car hire deal that's right for you, you will strat loving Skyscanner and will always love to book your cab from there only.


  1. Go to the to get offers on rental cab service platform or open the app through your phone.
  2. Click desired coupons. In the next tab rental cab service website will be open.
  3. Enter the pick-up location.
  4. Choose the pickup date and time. And then, the drop off date and time.
  5. Proceed to pay.
  6. Enter the coupon code of your choice of offer, leave the coupon code bar if coupon code is not required.
  7. Proceed to pay, pay with your desired paying option.
  8. You cab is hired now; enjoy your trip with your loved ones.


With the advent of online rental cars, it has become easier to travel places alone or with your family and friends with privacy. Also, you not only enjoy the travel but also do it by saving your money and time, which is the best perk of online rental cab portals. With discounts and offers Online rental cabs is making he lives of people like us happier, and never better than ever.

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