Zebronics Unveils A Feature-Packed Power Bank

It can double up as a bluetooth speaker and torchlight.


Domestic PC peripheral company Zebronics has unveied a power bank that does what it says and then some more. I addition to charging a phone, it can double up as a bluetooth speaker, MP3 player, torchlight, and FM radio.
The product is called Zebronics Esteem. It these particular features:
Charge your phone 
Use the LED Torch 
Listen to the radio
Listen to your favorite songs
Play music over bluetooth 
Play music through SD card

It comes with  2000 mAh capacity. The device also has built in built in mic to receive calls. The Esteem has simple controls . A button to switch between Bluetooth and LED torch mode along with volume up/down/call controls. The device also comes with a bicycle mount. Available in black this device will be available in all leading retail stores across India.

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