Best WiFi Router For Your Home

A simple act of choosing one Wi-Fi router over another can make or break your browsing experience.


A simple act of choosing one Wi-Fi router over another can make or break your browsing experience.

We spent over 3 weeks testing 10 of the most popular and highly reviewed Wi-Fi routers in India today. Our testing included an analysis on download speeds and Wi-Fi range. For this, we selected a two storey building and installed all the routers there. We then checked the internet speed and range from various points.

We also tested all other features such as the app control and the setup process. After our testing, we found the Xiaomi Mi3C to have the longest range and the only one to offer various features and control settings using its app.

Who is this for?

Our selections are perfect for you, if you are seeking a router for general purposes.

All our picks can effortlessly handle your browsing needs such as streaming videos, accessing social media and general internet browsing. However, these might not be the best picks if you are a professional gamer.

That being said, these routers would be perfect for houses ranging from a 2 – 3 BHK flat, all the way to a medium sized bungalow with two floors.

How we tested them?

We, at Hometop, spent three weeks relentlessly testing our selected routers in a multi-storey building in Bangalore so that we could precisely gauge their range and download speeds.

We made sure to test the routers performance both within the multi-storey building and also outside it.

To give you a sense of our testing locations, check out the image below.

To calculate the range, we took the phone outside the house and kept moving one metre away from it until the connection was lost. We then calculated the distance it took for the signal to get disrupted.

(Orange house on left is the test house, the position of the person in blue is the distance of range covered by the Mi router 3c)

Our best pick

(Image from

After testing of all the ten routers, we can safely say that the Xiaomi Mi3C was the best router, given its unparalleled range, its minimal design and its super useful app control.

The Xiaomi Mi3C could support download speeds up to 300Mbps. Where it shined the brightest was its range, which went up to 22 metres—the best in the test group. The initial set up was smooth, as it contained a QR code printed on the box which directly led us to download the app that allows you to control the router.

Almost all router settings can be controlled from the app - including updating the firmware, which we found very convenient. The app is available on android and iOS and displays all the features you might need. Covering really useful info like download speeds, number of devices connected and consumption of data per device connected to the router. Now you’ll know if your internet is slow because someone else is using it in the house or if the net is down.

The app provides parental control which can be really effective in blocking adult sites directly at the source and the app also has a feature which allows you to allocate bandwidth to the various devices connected to it. This is perfect if you don’t want one device consuming too much of the internet data.

All security and firmware updates can be done from the app which we really liked as now updating your router’s OS can be done immediately and this keeps your internet data secure from hackers. (Note: Updating the firmware would augment the security of your network connection and prevents hackers from attacking it.) The browser version of the settings panel is very thoughtfully designed, so that even a newbie can use it.

Coming to its negatives, the app can be a little buggy and can have some translation issues. However, Xiaomi does promise regular updates which should solve these issues. The app does still offer complete control and offers some unique features. Another downside is that the router supports only two LAN ports. This means only two devices can be connected to the router with a wire. The router also comes without an Ethernet cable which could have been used to manually connect an extra PC to the router. Warranty, too, is covered only for a year— the shortest warranty of all the routers we tested.

However, all negatives considered, the Mi3C remains the clear-cut winner. It truly outperformed every router we tested. For this reason, we recommend the Xiaomi Mi3C as our pick for the best wireless router for your home.

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