VPN Use Is Gaining Momentum In India

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The second most populated country in the world is becoming an avid VPN user. India may only by a third of the size of the United States, but it has a population of 1,166,079,217.

Businesses and even individual, are realizing the benefits of using a Virtual Private Network. Since the large population is connecting to the Internet through their PCs, laptops and mobile phones/devices - they are also connecting to public networks and Wi-Fi hot-spots.

They are ripe for picking, so to speak, for the bad apples of Internet users. Sensitive data is accessed by both private Internet users and corporations. The thing is, if it's from or sent through a public network, the data can be easily compromised.

Let's talk more about what it is and why you should consider using it.

What is a VPN?

Wikipedia explains that a VPN is an extension of a private network across a public network. It has many uses aside from providing users a secure connection. 

In the business world, virtual private networks are useful. It also allows remote access of a company's intranet out of their office or away from their location. VPNs allow branches located in different cities to connect to the main office's network safely while creating a cohesive network.

But it's not only business that make use of VPNs. Private individuals can by-pass censorship, geo-restrictions, and secure their personal identity and location.

Using VPNs to Avoid Falling Victim Cyber Crime

We can't talk about VPN without touching the subject of cyber crimes. And yes, India is no exception to the phenomenon.

Identity theft became more prevalent when the world wide web came along. Your personal and financial information can be stolen without you knowing it, until there are unauthorized charges to your credit card or unauthorized withdrawals to your savings account.

KPCB's Internet Trends Reports reveals that India has overtaken the USA as the second country all over the globe with the most Internet users. More web surfers means more possible victims of online scams and thievery.

From impersonation to credit card information phishing, crimes are being committed online everyday. Users lose sensitive data and money, suffer invasion of privacy and more.

The authorities in India fail to prevent cyber crimes. Reality is, the police can't prevent what they don't understand. This is where VPNs come in.

Why You Should Use a VPN Starting Today

You should start using a VPN today to protect yourself and your family from stress and financial losses. You can also amp up your company's online security through virtual private networks and enjoy its many other benefits.

VPNs in India can be paid or free. You are free to choose which to use. Of course, with free VPNs, you can't be sure of the performance and the number of devices that can connect to it. Paid VPNs are usually very cheap and billed at the end of the month. You have plans to choose from according to your budget and your needs. You can check here some of the best VPNs in India.

We recommend that you avail of the networks for more security, more privacy and less virtual breadcrumbs to trace back to the user.

VPNs will be very helpful in keeping sensitive and corporate files and data safe. It will also allow a business to expand to other locations while keeping a cohesive private network among these outposts.

It's high time you protect your data and yourself online. The quote, 'better safe than sorry' can't be more appropriate to any other scenario.

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