Piaggio Unveils A "Smart" Personal Cargo Robot

The bot can carry your luggage and move around with you.


Piaggio, Italy's prolific two-wheeler brand has announced a peculiar cargo robot. Dubbed as Gita ("jee-ta"), Piaggio's bot can carry all your shopping bags or other gear. It has storage capacity of 40 lbs, and max speed of 22 mph. The Italian company claims that Gita can navigate with the "oversight and decision-making of humans".

It can follow a human operator or move autonomously in a mapped environment. In the follow mode, Gita keeps up with a person wearing a Wi-Fi connected belt. The belt's camera helps Gita follow you. Outdoors, the robot relies on GPS for navigation. Piaggio claims that Gita is programmed to accompany people at speeds from walk to riding a bike. The idea here to reduce the use of cars just to carry a few packages. The company is also exploring the possibility of using it in delivery industry.

Gita's design is delightful. It reflects Piaggio's over 130 years of manufacturing prowess. The bot's glossy carbon fibre body is reminiscent of Piaggio's iconic Vespa scooters. Yet there's a hint of modern world aesthetics in the form of neon strips on both sides.

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