Two Sony Xperia Devices Rumoured To Sport Snapdragon 820 SoC

If these devices are released by the company as its flagships for 2017, we would be expecting a more recent Snapdragon processor and not 820.


It looks like Sony Xperia G3121 and G3112 has recently been spotted again. GSMArena reports that a recent rumour coming from China hints at the Snapdragon 820 processor that powers both the rumoured Sony devices.

Yes. If these smartphones are going to be the company’s flagship devices, then we would definitely not be expecting a Snapdragon 820 processor that will be almost two years old in 2017. In-fact, 2017 flagship devices by Sony should sport the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, and that’s what we would be looking forward to.

However, don’t be shocked now. This is still a rumour and we all know that speculations and leaks are to be taken with a pinch of salt. So, lets just not conclude and instead, wait for an official announcement from the company.

Along with this, the rumour also claims that both the smartphones will be showcased at the CES 2017 next year, and the two models would be featuring a 5.2 inch and 5.5 inches display screen.

In-fact, to recall, both Sony Xperia G3121 and G3112 were earlier spotted on Russian Regulatory Body website, back in October this year. So, what ever it may be, we will get to know the fact in a few weeks down the like.

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