WhatsApp Allows You To Draw, Write, And Edit On Pictures While Sharing

The new update is currently available only on Android and iOS users will have to wait for a bit more time.


WhatsApp has recently introduced new camera features on its instant messaging app on Android platform. However, for iOS devices, the company has announced that the roll out may start soon.

Under the new update, Android users can write and draw on photos and videos captured on the WhatsApp camera. Also, users can add in different emojis and make the captured pictures and videos more interesting than every before.

Adding further, the update brings the editing tools as and when a user tries to share a new photo or video to a WhatsApp contact. Having said this, the new feature of editing images and videos has already been made available on  Snapchat for a long time now. In-fact, Snapchat has many times rolled out such interesting features before Facebook has done with WhatsApp.

Comparing WhatsApp camera features with that of SnapChat's. [Image Via The Next Web]

However, speaking about other features you get with the latest update, you can click selfies from the built-in camera of WhatsApp, while zooming during recording videos, by just sliding fingers up and down on the screen. Also, to switch to the front camera, users will have to touble tap the screen.

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